Swivel Bath Seat Adjustable Width

Swivel Bath Seat Adjustable Width

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The Swivel Bath Seat Adjustable Width is a useful bathing aid.

It offers the user a comfortable and secure place to sit whilst bathing.

The seat also means the user does not have to lower into or rise out of a deep bath, making it ideal for people who have poor mobility.

The aluminium base frame rests on the bath sides, and features non-slip rubber ends for security.

It has a simple e-clip mechanism to enable it to be width adjusted to fit different baths.

The seat attaches to this frame, and it can be swiveled to make transferring on and off much easier.

All the user need do is sit down, lift their legs and swivel into the bath, using the accessible hand lever.

The seat itself is comfortable and features a front recess to facilitate personal cleaning.

Side armrests and a backrest give additional support and comfort.

An integral handle in the backrest makes the Swivel Bath Seat Adjustable Width easier to carry.

Width: 66-71cm (26-28 inches).

Depth: 55cm (22 inches).

Height: 51cm (20 inches).

Seat width: 41cm (16 inches).

Seat depth: 40cm (16 inches).

Seat height (from bath top): 8cm (3 inches).

Weight: 5kg (3/4 stone).

Maximum safe user weight: 160kg (25 stone).

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