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Easi-Grip Paper Holder

Easi-Grip Paper Holder
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Developed by a renowned medical engineering institution, the Easi-Grip Paper Holder can be used alone or in combination with the Desk Clamp.

It holds paper in an upright position so that it can be cut with scissors by people restricted to the use of a single hand.

The sheet of paper is inserted in between the two parts of the cone-shaped holder.

The Easi-Grip Paper Holder then props the paper 'upright' for cutting or easier reading.

It is ideal for those with one hand or who suffer with a tremor.

The Paper Holder can be used on its own if only for holding a document to read.

If using it to hold paper we recommend the holder is used in combination with the Desk Clamp (pictured) to avoid it moving/tipping.

Please note that the Desk Clamp is not included with the Paper Holder.