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Wake 'n' Shake Vibrating Alarm Clock

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Wake 'n' Shake Vibrating Alarm Clock

Product Details

Our Wake 'n' Shake Star Vibrating Alarm Clock is a modern and stylish alarm clock specially designed for people who have impaired hearing or deep sleep.

The large and bright LCD display is easy to read, the volume is adjustable up to 95 decibels (similar to the loudness of a hairdryer right next to you) and bright LED lights flash when the alarm sounds.

A vibrating pad is also included, ideal for placing under a pillow where it is unnoticed until triggered. The pad is connected to the clock by a 2m cable.

The Wake 'n' Shake Vibrating Alarm Clock features four different alarm choices and is easy to use.

Key User Benefits

  • EXTRA LOUD ALARM - With its 95dB loud alarm, the Wake 'N' Shake Star is the ideal alarm clock for people with hearing difficulties and heavy sleepers. If you are wondering how loud this alarm really is, think that the sound made by a hairdryer is usually measured at around 95dB as well.
  • VIBRATION PAD - If its extra loud alarm doesn't wake you up, its vibration pad surely will. This pad can be placed under your pillow or mattress, and vibrates when it is time for you to get out of bed.
  • VERSATILE with 4 alarm settings - the alarm can be just the vibrating pad, or the alarm and pad, or the flashing lights and pad or all 3 at the same time.
  • LOW LEVEL LAMP - In the middle of the night, if you need help finding your glasses, a box of tissues or your bottle of water on the bedside table, press a simple button to turn on the 12 white LED lights around the clock display to provide you with just enough light to find what you are looking for without disturbing the sleep of the person lying next to you.
  • Choice of SNOOZE functions - Our vibrating alarm clock has an adjustable 5 to 60-minute snooze, as well as a 1-hour alarm duration. Pressing on the clock's large snooze button when it is ringing will mute the alarm and allow you to enjoy a few extra minutes of sleep.

Product Specifications

  • This is the Wake 'n' Shake Star alarm clock with vibrating pad
  • Brand: Geemarc
  • Colour: White
  • Display type: LCD/LED
  • Extra Loud 95dB Alarm with Powerful Shaker Pad
  • Special features: Snooze, Alarm, Charging Port
  • Product dimensions: 12 cm diameter and less than 4cm deep
  • Supplied with an adaptor plug
  • Backup battery (CR2032) in case of power failure (not included)
  • Vibrating Pad comes with a 2 metre (78 inch) long cable
  • Adjustable 5 to 60 Minute Snooze and a 1 Hour Alarm Duration
  • 12 and 24-Hour Time Format
  • Bright and Large Display
  • 12 White Flashing LED Lights
  • USB Charging Port for smart phones (USB-A)
  • Dimmer switch (Low/Mid/High)
  • Volume and tone control (3 levels)
  • Vibrator control (2 levels)

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