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This section features a range of bed assists - useful products which make spending time in bed more comfortable. A bed backrest for example is an ideal aid for those who want to comfortably sit up when in bed. A backrest for bed-bound people helps them sit upride easily to eat, watch TV, read books etc. Bed wedges for elderly people or those whose condition makes sitting up in bed a challenging process. Like a backrest, wedge cushions prop-up the user, allowing them to feel supported. A bed grab rail or blanket cradle are bed aids that might also help someone spending more time than usual in bed, possibly if they are ill or recovering from injury.

This section features a range of bed assists - useful products which make spending time in bed more comfortable. A bed backrest for example is an ideal aid for those who want to


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  1. Vat Exempt  Bed Caddie

    Bed Caddie

    This bed caddie makes it easier to sit up in bed unassisted.
    ( £36.11  inc VAT )
  2. Vat Exempt  Multi-Way Bed Wedge

    Multi-Way Bed Wedge

    A versatile foam cushion that can support the user in a number of positions.
    ( £35.20  inc VAT )
  3. Vat Exempt  Harley Mattress Tilter

    Harley Mattress Tilter

    This wedge cushion can be positioned to create a tilted support surface for the legs or upper body.
    ( £40.70  inc VAT )
  4. Vat Exempt  Bed Backrest

    Bed Backrest

    Strong, powder coated frame which can be set to various angles of tilt.
    ( £67.40  inc VAT )
  5. Vat Exempt  Rope Ladder Bed Hoist

    Rope Ladder Bed Hoist

    A simple but useful aid that allows the user to pull themselves up to a sitting position.
    ( £22.43  inc VAT )
  6. Vat Exempt  Foot Board

    Foot Board

    This lambswool covered aid prevents the user sliding down the bed when in a sitting position.
    ( £38.39  inc VAT )
  7. Vat Exempt  Luxury Adjustable Back Rest

    Luxury Adjustable Back Rest

    An adjustable back rest with pillow for added comfort.
    ( £57.48  inc VAT )
  8. Vat Exempt  Webbing Jacobs Ladder

    Webbing Jacobs Ladder

    Strong yet lightweight webbing ladder which assists the transition from a horizontal to a seated position.
    ( £13.58  inc VAT )
  9. Vat Exempt  Harley Bed Relaxer

    Harley Bed Relaxer

    This wedge shaped support provides excellent support in bed.
    ( £47.47  inc VAT )
  10. Vat Exempt  Mattress Tilter

    Mattress Tilter

    A mattress tilter that can be used to relieve a number of painful symptoms during sleep.
    ( £58.14  inc VAT )
  11. Vat Exempt  Bed Arm Chair

    Bed Arm Chair

    A foam support shaped like an arm chair which offers both comfort and support.
    ( £71.52  inc VAT )
  12. Vat Exempt  Bed Foot Stop

    Bed Foot Stop

    Straight or angled resting surface enabling the user to gain the most suitable position.
    ( £119.99  inc VAT )
  13. Vat Exempt  Bed Sitter

    Bed Sitter

    Provides armchair-styple support when sitting up in bed.
    ( £134.74  inc VAT )
  14.  Large 45° Wedge

    Large 45° Wedge

    A large foam wedge to provide postural support to the user.
    ( £62.98  inc VAT )
  15. Vat Exempt  Blanket Cradle

    Blanket Cradle

    Improves ventilation in bed by holding bedclothes up and away from the body.
    ( £37.91  inc VAT )
  16. Vat Exempt  Apex Bed Wedge

    Apex Bed Wedge

    This bed wedge is a versatile positioning aid.
    ( £50.00  inc VAT )
  17. Vat Exempt  Morris Adjustable Bed Raiser

    Morris Adjustable Bed Raiser

    A bed raiser that can be used to increase the height of beds.
    ( £160.56  inc VAT )
  18. Vat Exempt  Bed Rope Ladder - Positioning Aid

    Bed Rope Ladder - Positioning Aid

    Features comfortable, wipe clean plastic rungs and strong synthetic rope.
    ( £12.72  inc VAT )
  19. Vat Exempt  Homecraft Mattress Elevator

    Homecraft Mattress Elevator

    Under bed elevation device which provides safe, quiet and gentle lifting of the bed to assist users with varied mobility issues.
    ( £525.42  inc VAT )
  20. Vat Exempt  Adjustable Bed Raisers

    Adjustable Bed Raisers

    These Adjustable Bed Raisers provide a simple way of raising bed height.
    ( £46.00  inc VAT )
  21. Vat Exempt  Langham Multi Purpose Raiser

    Langham Multi Purpose Raiser

    A multi purpose furniture raiser kit supplied in its component parts.
    ( £27.78  inc VAT )
  22. Vat Exempt  Bed Hand Blocks

    Bed Hand Blocks

    Designed to help users manoeuvre themselves more effectively in bed.
    ( £63.82  inc VAT )
  23. Vat Exempt  Multi-Purpose Raiser

    Multi-Purpose Raiser

    A multi-purpose furniture raiser that can be used with beds, chairs and settees.
    ( £45.41  inc VAT )
  24. Vat Exempt  Stander PT Bed Cane

    Stander PT Bed Cane

    A supportive cane that assists in bed mobility.

    ( £131.12  inc VAT )
  25. Vat Exempt  Bed Raiser or Chair Raiser Component (Spreader Bar)

    Bed Raiser or Chair Raiser Component (Spreader Bar)

    A pack of spreader bars for use with furniture raisers.
    ( £37.04  inc VAT )
  26. Vat Exempt  Quiet Knight Mattress Stopper

    Quiet Knight Mattress Stopper

    This stopper prevents the user from sliding down the bed.
    ( £41.50  inc VAT )
  27. Vat Exempt  Comfort Knight Pillow Raiser

    Comfort Knight Pillow Raiser

    This useful tool allows sleeping angle to be adjusted.
    ( £432.77  inc VAT )
  28. Vat Exempt  Bed And Chair Raisers

    Bed And Chair Raisers

    Chair or bed raisers to increase height of beds or chairs, in sets of four.
    ( £23.76  inc VAT )
  29. Vat Exempt  Adjustable Back Support

    Adjustable Back Support

    Use this for the additional back rest at the comfort of your bed.
    ( £36.04  inc VAT )
  30.  Harley Mattress Foam Tilter

    Harley Mattress Foam Tilter

    This mattress tilter reduces various pains and sores in the head and legs.
    ( £48.42  inc VAT )

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