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This section features a range of bed assists - useful products which make spending time in bed more comfortable. A bed backrest for example is an ideal aid for those who want to comfortably sit up when in bed. A backrest for bed-bound people helps them sit upride easily to eat, watch TV, read books etc. Bed wedges for elderly people or those whose condition makes sitting up in bed a challenging process. Like a backrest, wedge cushions prop-up the user, allowing them to feel supported. A bed grab rail or blanket cradle might also help someone spending more time than usual in bed, possibly if they are ill or recovering from injury.

This section features a range of bed assists - useful products which make spending time in bed more comfortable. A bed backrest for example is an ideal aid for those who want to


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  1. Vat Exempt  Luxury Adjustable Back Rest

    Luxury Adjustable Back Rest

    An adjustable back rest with pillow for added comfort.
    ( £44.81  inc VAT )
  2. Vat Exempt  Bed Hand Blocks

    Bed Hand Blocks

    Designed to help users manoeuvre themselves more effectively in bed.
    ( £65.47  inc VAT )
  3. Vat Exempt  Webbing Jacobs Ladder

    Webbing Jacobs Ladder

    Strong yet lightweight webbing ladder which assists the transition from a horizontal to a seated position.
    ( £11.99  inc VAT )
  4.  Multi-Purpose Raiser

    Multi-Purpose Raiser

    A multi-purpose furniture raiser that can be used with beds, chairs and settees.
    ( £37.84  inc VAT )
  5. Vat Exempt  Adjustable Folding Backrest

    Adjustable Folding Backrest

    This simple backrest adjusts from almost upright to almost flat
    ( £37.19  inc VAT )
  6. Vat Exempt  Stander PT Bed Cane

    Stander PT Bed Cane

    A supportive cane that assists in bed mobility.

    ( £131.99  inc VAT )
  7. Vat Exempt  Bed Foot Stop

    Bed Foot Stop

    Straight or angled resting surface enabling the user to gain the most suitable position.
    ( £113.99  inc VAT )
  8.  Multi-Way Bed Wedge

    Multi-Way Bed Wedge

    A versatile foam cushion that can support the user in a number of positions.
    ( £32.39  inc VAT )
  9. Vat Exempt  Quiet Knight Mattress Stopper

    Quiet Knight Mattress Stopper

    This stopper prevents the user from sliding down the bed.
    ( £35.70  inc VAT )
  10.  Large 45° Wedge

    Large 45° Wedge

    A large foam wedge to provide postural support to the user.
    ( £65.47  inc VAT )
  11. Vat Exempt  Bed Backrest

    Bed Backrest

    Strong, powder coated frame which can be set to various angles of tilt.
    ( £45.59  inc VAT )
  12. Vat Exempt  Adjustable Back Support

    Adjustable Back Support

    Use this for the additional back rest at the comfort of your bed.
    ( £30.84  inc VAT )
  13. Vat Exempt  Foot Board

    Foot Board

    This lambswool covered aid prevents the user sliding down the bed when in a sitting position.
    ( £80.02  inc VAT )
  14. Vat Exempt  Handy Pillow Lifter

    Handy Pillow Lifter

    This clever aid enables the user to sit up in bed without needing help from a carer.
    ( £961.86  inc VAT )
  15. Vat Exempt  Langham Multi Purpose Raiser

    Langham Multi Purpose Raiser

    A multi purpose furniture raiser kit supplied in its component parts.
    ( £28.60  inc VAT )
  16.  Inflatable Elevator Cushion

    Inflatable Elevator Cushion

    Versatile elevation cushion for support and pressure relief to the head and neck, lower back, knees or feet.
    ( £26.26  inc VAT )
  17.  Stackable Cone Raisers

    Stackable Cone Raisers

    A set of four furniture raisers made from strong and durable plastic.
    ( £24.67  inc VAT )
  18. Vat Exempt  Mattress Tilter

    Mattress Tilter

    A mattress tilter that can be used to relieve a number of painful symptoms during sleep.
    ( £50.63  inc VAT )
  19. Vat Exempt  Bed Arm Chair

    Bed Arm Chair

    A foam support shaped like an arm chair which offers both comfort and support.
    ( £64.79  inc VAT )
  20. Vat Exempt  Bed Caddie

    Bed Caddie

    This bed caddie makes it easier to sit up in bed unassisted.
    ( £37.19  inc VAT )
  21.  Bed Sitter

    Bed Sitter

    Provides armchair-styple support when sitting up in bed.
    ( £143.50  inc VAT )
  22.  Harley Mattress Tilter

    Harley Mattress Tilter

    This wedge cushion can be positioned to create a tilted support surface for the legs or upper body.
    ( £41.18  inc VAT )
  23. Vat Exempt  Bed And Chair Raisers

    Bed And Chair Raisers

    Chair or bed raisers to increase height of beds or chairs, in sets of four.
    ( £24.02  inc VAT )
  24.  Apex Bed Wedge

    Apex Bed Wedge

    This bed wedge is a versatile positioning aid.
    ( £51.17  inc VAT )
  25.  Rope Ladder Bed Hoist

    Rope Ladder Bed Hoist

    A simple but useful aid that allows the user to pull themselves up to a sitting position.
    ( £24.67  inc VAT )
  26. Vat Exempt  Homecraft Mattress Elevator

    Homecraft Mattress Elevator

    Under bed elevation device which provides safe, quiet and gentle lifting of the bed to assist users with varied mobility issues.
    ( £525.42  inc VAT )
  27. Vat Exempt  Adjustable Bed Raisers

    Adjustable Bed Raisers

    These Adjustable Bed Raisers provide a simple way of raising bed height.
    ( £47.63  inc VAT )
  28. Vat Exempt  Ceiling Support

    Ceiling Support

    Ceiling mounted support, allowing the user to rise from a lying position.
    ( £131.99  inc VAT )
    Out of stock
  29.  Pillow Lifter

    Pillow Lifter

    An electronic lifter that can raise the user to a sitting position without disturbing the other person in the bed.
    Out of stock
  30. Vat Exempt  Bed Rope Ladder - Positioning Aid

    Bed Rope Ladder - Positioning Aid

    Features comfortable, wipe clean plastic rungs and strong synthetic rope.
    ( £10.72  inc VAT )
    Out of stock

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