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Essential Aids’ range of useful bedroom items. Here you will find products that come in handy for people spending prolonged periods in bed. Among the range are items like blanket cradles, bed trays and chair raisers. Our bedroom equipment may make a difference with various small jobs in the bedroom. We have non-slip netting, easy-to-see alarm clocks, bed raiser blocks, swivel cushions and many other useful items. Products like these can be especially useful to elderly people or those whose disability may impact their life in the bedroom. We also have wedge cushions to help prop you up in a comfortable position.

Essential Aids’ range of useful bedroom items. Here you will find products that come in handy for people spending prolonged periods in bed. Among the range are items like blanket cradles, bed trays


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  1.  Talking Alarm Clock

    Talking Alarm Clock

    No excuses now with this talking clock with both analogue and digital display.
    ( £25.42  inc VAT )
  2. Vat Exempt  Folding Bed Cradle

    Folding Bed Cradle

    This frame creates a bridge, lifting bedclothes away from sensitive areas of the body.
    ( £50.34  inc VAT )
  3.  Talking Keychain Pocket Clock

    Talking Keychain Pocket Clock

    Ideal for those impaired vision or dementia patients, the Talking Keychain Pocket Clock provides audio time, day and date information at the push of a button.
    ( £22.46  inc VAT )
  4.  Tinnitus Nature Sound Pyramid

    Tinnitus Nature Sound Pyramid

    A relaxing sound and light generating pyramid, ideal for relieving the effects of Tinnitus or insomnia.
    ( £21.60  inc VAT )
  5. Vat Exempt  Medidisc Turn table

    Medidisc Turn table

    A transfer aid that allows the user to safely and smoothly rotate into position.
    ( £87.28  inc VAT )
  6. Vat Exempt  Repose Boot - Pair

    Repose Boot - Pair

    An inflated support boot that can be used by people who spend a lot of time in bed.
    ( £121.02  inc VAT )
  7.  Vibrating Alarm Clock

    Vibrating Alarm Clock

    Vibrating alarm clock ideal for people with impaired hearing - great for home use or travel.
    ( £24.71  inc VAT )
  8.  Folding Handy Helper Footstool

    Folding Handy Helper Footstool

    A handy folding footstool to get to those items just out of reach.
    ( £11.99  inc VAT )
  9. Vat Exempt  Chrome Folding Bed Cradle

    Chrome Folding Bed Cradle

    Supports the weight of bed clothes, reducing skin contact.
    ( £28.21  inc VAT )
  10. Vat Exempt  Under Pillow Vibration Alarm Clock

    Under Pillow Vibration Alarm Clock

    Wake up early without disturbing anyone else in your bed with this vibrating alarm clock.
    ( £26.81  inc VAT )
  11. Vat Exempt  Adjustable Bed Cradle

    Adjustable Bed Cradle

    A simple frame designed to keep bedclothes off the user's legs.
    ( £40.74  inc VAT )
  12. Vat Exempt  Stander Omni Tray

    Stander Omni Tray

    A supportive handle that can assist in getting up from a chair or sofa.

    ( £213.59  inc VAT )
  13. Vat Exempt  Langham SureGrip Raisers

    Langham SureGrip Raisers

    A pack of four furniture raisers to allow for height adjustment.
    ( £58.13  inc VAT )
  14.  Wax Bath Heat Therapy Mitts

    Wax Bath Heat Therapy Mitts

    Heat therapy mitts designed to improve joint mobility and reduce pain in the hands.
    ( £41.34  inc VAT )
  15. Vat Exempt  Fall-Out Mat

    Fall-Out Mat

    This fold-up mat provides a safety measure for individuals prone to falling out of bed.
    ( £78.44  inc VAT )
  16. Vat Exempt  Blanket Cradle

    Blanket Cradle

    Improves ventilation in bed by holding bedclothes up and away from the body.
    ( £32.03  inc VAT )
  17.  The Hydrant

    The Hydrant

    A simple yet effective drinking utensil with a tube and clothing clip, ideal for staying hydrated.
    ( £4.86  inc VAT )
  18. Vat Exempt  Bed Cane With Organiser

    Bed Cane With Organiser

    Secure rail which includes a handy four pocket organiser.
    ( £134.84  inc VAT )
  19. Vat Exempt  Dycem Non-Slip Netting

    Dycem Non-Slip Netting

    Often used in treatment environments on top of furniture cushions to prevent the sitter from sliding down the chair.
    ( £23.99  inc VAT )
  20. Vat Exempt  Bed Foot Board

    Bed Foot Board

    Designed to fit at the bottom of the bad and prevent the user slipping too far down.
    ( £59.99  inc VAT )
  21.  WacMat


    Machine washable, highly absorbent rug ideal for protecting against spillages around the home.
    ( £76.44  inc VAT )
  22.  Quilt Clip

    Quilt Clip

    These clips make changing bed quilts much easier.

    Out of stock
  23.  Adjustable Wooden Bed Tray With Cut Out Design

    Adjustable Wooden Bed Tray With Cut Out Design

    Multi-functional tray featuring 'cut-out' ventilation for laptop use.
    ( £29.99  inc VAT )
    Out of stock
  24. Vat Exempt  Comfort Knight Pillow Raiser

    Comfort Knight Pillow Raiser

    This useful tool allows sleeping angle to be adjusted.
    ( £425.99  inc VAT )
    Out of stock
  25. Vat Exempt  Rota Stand

    Rota Stand

    A rotating footplate with handlebars to enable safe and secure swivel transfers.
    ( £457.58  inc VAT )
    Out of stock
  26. Vat Exempt  Adjustable Blanket Cradle

    Adjustable Blanket Cradle

    Lightweight and designed to lift bed-clothes off the patient
    ( £44.88  inc VAT )
    Out of stock
  27. Vat Exempt  Wake 'n' Shake Vibrating Alarm Clock

    Wake 'n' Shake Vibrating Alarm Clock

    Modern and stylish alarm clock with four different alert options, ideal if you have impaired hearing or sleep deeply.
    ( £56.39  inc VAT )
    Out of stock
  28. Vat Exempt  Electric Inflatable Leg Lifter

    Electric Inflatable Leg Lifter

    An inflatable leg lifter with a hand control to allow for transferring in and out of bed safely.
    ( £1,247.99  inc VAT )
    Out of stock
  29.  Days Deluxe Drip Stand

    Days Deluxe Drip Stand

    This drip stand is adjustable in height, is stable and highly manoeuvrable.
    ( £102.46  inc VAT )
    Out of stock
  30.  Clinell Universal Sanitising Wipes

    Clinell Universal Sanitising Wipes

    These clinically tested sanitising wipes are available in five pack sizes.
    Out of stock

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