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  1.  Male Urinal

    Male Urinal

    A plastic toilet aid for use by bed-bound individuals.
    ( £7.19  inc VAT )
  2.  Female Urinal

    Female Urinal

    This urinal has a wide opening and is designed specifically to be used by women.
    ( £11.99  inc VAT )
  3.  Female Slipper Urinal

    Female Slipper Urinal

    This urinal has a contoured design which makes it ideal for women to use.
    ( £16.79  inc VAT )
  4. Vat Exempt  Ursec No Leak Urinal

    Ursec No Leak Urinal

    Patented 'no-leak' urinal which provides excellent prevention of spillages.
    ( £40.79  inc VAT )
  5. Vat Exempt  Super Slipper Pan Urinal

    Super Slipper Pan Urinal

    A large slipper-shaped urinal which can easily slide under a bed-ridden patient.
    ( £11.99  inc VAT )
  6.  Female Urinal Bottle

    Female Urinal Bottle

    This portable urinal is designed specifically for woman and has a spout which is comfortable to use.
    ( £9.59  inc VAT )
  7.  Female Urinal 2

    Female Urinal 2

    Calibrated for output recording, is suitable for autoclaving and made from tough polypropylene.
    ( £11.99  inc VAT )
  8.  Male Urinal with Lid

    Male Urinal with Lid

    A toilet aid that allows the use to go to the toilet whilst bed bound.
    ( £7.19  inc VAT )
  9.  Fracture Commode Pan

    Fracture Commode Pan

    This wedge shaped bed pan is ideal to slide beneath the user's body.
    ( £24.58  inc VAT )
  10.  Travel John

    Travel John

    A disposable urinal for men, women or children that turns liquid into a gel for easy transportation.
    ( £9.60  inc VAT )
  11.  Economy Female Urinal

    Economy Female Urinal

    Features an anatomical shape which makes it possible for use when lying down, sitting or even standing up.
    ( £4.79  inc VAT )
  12. Vat Exempt  Economy Bed Pan

    Economy Bed Pan

    This bed pan has an overhanging lip to reduce spillages and maintains hygiene.
    ( £10.79  inc VAT )
  13.  Urinals


    One litre capacity translucent urinal, with separate designs for men and women.
    ( £9.59  inc VAT )
  14.  Portable Urinal For Women

    Portable Urinal For Women

    This portable urinal for women has a smooth design to make usage as comfortable as possible.
    ( £17.90  inc VAT )
  15.  Urinal Holder

    Urinal Holder

    Coated wire urinal holder which hooks easily over most doors, baths or rails.
    ( £10.80  inc VAT )
  16. Vat Exempt  Male Urinal With Optional Non-Spill Valve

    Male Urinal With Optional Non-Spill Valve

    A polypropylene toilet aid designed for men to use whilst in bed.
    ( £11.99  inc VAT )
  17. Vat Exempt  Male and Female Urinal 3

    Male and Female Urinal 3

    A urinal for use by elderly or disabled users of both genders.
    ( £8.39  inc VAT )
  18.  Uriwell Unisex Urinal

    Uriwell Unisex Urinal

    Unisex urinal with airtight lid and expandable size, ideal for wheelchair and travel use.
    ( £19.79  inc VAT )
  19.  UriFem


    Portable toileting for women when out and about.
    ( £34.79  inc VAT )
  20.  Z-Tec Urinal with Lid

    Z-Tec Urinal with Lid

    This discreet portable urinal is available for men or women.
    ( £8.39  inc VAT )
  21.  Selina Slipper Pan

    Selina Slipper Pan

    A portable bed pan that has a lid for discreetness.
    ( £11.99  inc VAT )
  22.  Economy Slipper Pan

    Economy Slipper Pan

    This bed pan has a wedge shape for ease of use, plus a lid and integral handles.
    ( £16.79  inc VAT )
  23.  Fracture Pan with Lid

    Fracture Pan with Lid

    This wedge bed pan with lid has handles for easier positioning.
    ( £17.39  inc VAT )
  24. Vat Exempt  Urine/Catheter Bag Hanging Holder

    Urine/Catheter Bag Hanging Holder

    A metal construction makes this holder tough and strong.
    ( £11.99  inc VAT )
  25. Vat Exempt  Urine/Catheter Bag Floor Holder

    Urine/Catheter Bag Floor Holder

    This useful holder can be used with catheter and urine bags.
    ( £15.59  inc VAT )
  26.  Oak Leaf Bed Pan

    Oak Leaf Bed Pan

    An ergonomically shaped, moulded plastic bed pan that can be chemically cleaned.
    ( £46.79  inc VAT )
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26 Items

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