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Langham Linked Bed Raisers


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Product Details

The Langham Adjustable Linked Bed Raisers are an excellent solution for adjusting the height of a bed, making it easier for individuals with mobility issues to get in and out of bed. Supplied as two sets of linked blocks, they are available for both single and double beds.

These bed raisers are constructed from tough molded plastic and are designed to provide maximum stability and security. They feature internal inserts for height adjustment, allowing the bed height to be easily modified between 6.4cm - 12.1cm (2.5" - 4.75") in 1.9cm (0.75") increments. This flexibility ensures a tailored fit for each user's needs.

The linked blocks are connected by width-adjustable plastic arms, which can be securely fixed in place with wing nuts. This design offers additional stability and ensures that the bed raisers remain securely in position. The width can be adjusted to fit bed widths from 96.5cm - 142cm (38" - 56"), making them compatible with a wide range of bed sizes.

For added convenience, the Langham Linked Bed Raisers are very easy to install. Simply place the raiser blocks under the bed legs and adjust the height as needed. The raisers can accommodate bed legs with a maximum diameter of 7cm (2.75 ").

These bed raisers are designed to support a maximum load capacity of 500kg (78 stone), ensuring they can safely raise the height of almost any bed. This high load capacity guarantees stability and safety, providing peace of mind for users and caregivers alike.

Key User Benefits

  • Allows bed height to be easily modified in small increments for a tailored fit
  • Constructed from tough moulded plastic for maximum stability and security
  • Features width-adjustable plastic arms, compatible with various bed sizes
  • Simple to install by placing the raiser blocks under the bed legs and adjusting the height as needed
  • Supports a significant weight, ensuring safety and stability for almost any bed
  • Suitable for both single and double beds, accommodating bed legs of various diameters

Product Specifications

  • Height adjustment: 6.4cm -12.1cm (2.5" - 4.75") in 1.9cm (0.75") increments
  • Width adjustment: 96.5cm - 142cm (38" - 56")
  • Maximum diameter of leg: 7cm (2.75")
  • Weight: 3.4kg
  • Maximum load capacity: 500kg (78 stone) including furniture

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