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Morris & Alexander Universal Bed Raisers

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SPECIAL OFFER Morris & Alexander Universal Bed Raisers

Product Details

The Morris & Alexander Universal Bed Raisers are a discreet and practical solution designed to increase the height of a bed, making it easier for individuals with movement and mobility restrictions to get in and out of bed. Supplied as a pair, these bed raisers are constructed from high-grade steel tubing, ensuring maximum strength and durability. They support up to 635kg (100 stone) including the weight of the bed, guaranteeing a long-lasting and reliable product.

One of the standout features of these bed raisers is their adjustable and versatile design. The telescopic frame can be adjusted in height from 8.5cm to 12.5cm and in width from 74cm to 147cm, making them compatible with most single, double, and king-sized beds. This flexibility ensures they can be used with a wide range of bed types, providing a tailored fit for each user's needs.

The bed raisers securely clamp onto the existing legs of the bed using grippy plastic cups with a diameter of 6cm. These cups provide a stable and firm hold, preventing any movement when the bed is in use. This secure clamping mechanism enhances safety and stability, ensuring the bed remains steady at all times.

Designed with user-friendliness in mind, the bed raisers are easy to fit and require no tools for installation. Their design allows the bed to be repositioned easily for cleaning or relocation without the fear of dislodging the raisers. This makes them highly convenient for both users and caregivers, ensuring the bed can be maintained with minimal effort.

Key User Benefits

  • Adjustable height and width, making them suitable for various bed sizes
  • Made from high-grade steel tubing, supporting up to 635kg (100 stone) including the bed's weight
  • Uses 6cm diameter grippy plastic cups to securely clamp onto the bed legs, preventing movement and ensuring stability
  • Easy to install without tools, allowing for quick and effortless setup
  • Allows easy repositioning for cleaning or relocation without dislodging, making it convenient for users and caregivers
  • Maintenance-free, easy to clean, and recyclable, ensuring a long-lasting and reliable product

Product Specifications

  • Bed raiser height adjustment: 8.5cm - 12.5cm (3.5" - 5")
  • Bed raiser width adjustment: 74cm - 147cm (29" - 58")
  • Cup diameter: 6cm (2.25")
  • Bed raiser weight (per pair): 4kg
  • Maximum weight capacity: 635kg (100 stone) 

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