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Tumble Forms Deluxe Floor Sitter Set

Small - Blue

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SPECIAL OFFER Tumble Forms Deluxe Floor Sitter Set

Product Details

Our Tumble Forms Deluxe Floor Sitter Set is a two-in-one package which includes various colours of the Feeder Seat combined with its corresponding Floor Sitter Wedge. Both of these can also be purchased as separate items.

It instantly transforms the Feeder Seat into a comfortable floor chair, assisting positive social interactions while remaining comfortable and supportive.

The Floor Sitter in combination with the Feeder Seat provides an ideal alternative to a wheelchair or stander for most short-term activities.

Simple adjustments enable the Feeder Seat to be adjusted for every individual.

The Floor Sitter wedge can be used in either an upright or reclined position, depending on whether your child is at rest or play.

The seat is held securely in place using adjustable, easy to use velcro straps. There are shoulder harness slots to allow for 4 inches of vertical adjustment over the shoulders to comfortably accommodate children of different heights while providing comfort and maximum security.

The Tumble Forms Deluxe Floor Sitter Set is a versatile and supportive set which gives independence, support and developmental assistance to the child.

The feeding chair is equipped with a 45º pelvic belt and quick-release H-belt to help maintain positioning while keeping the child or adolescent secure during use.

The contoured interior has a 90º seat to back ratio, providing postural correct seating while in use.

The antimicrobial protection works from within to help inhibit or prevent odors. It also prevents premature coating wear caused by harmful microorganism growth which can occur during normal usage conditions.

Choice of colours : blue, purple, red and teal.

The Floor Sitter Wedge comes in two sizes: S/M/L and extra large. So the XL goes with the XL Feeder Seat and the S/M/L is compatible with all the other sizes. Both the Feeder Seat and its compatible Wedge is included in the price.

Key User Benefits

  • Developed for feeding or short-term activity in a range of settings, the feeder seat positioner is a good alternative to a stander or wheelchair.
  • Features a shoulder harness with slots to allow vertical adjustment of the straps to accommodate various heights.
  • Designed to provide maximum comfort, encourage positive interaction, and is easy to move and position.
  • Non-toxic seamless covering is made to be washed and sanitized between uses and is odor, urine and stain-resistant.

Product Specifications

  • Feeder Seat Positioner is available in four sizes (S, M, L and XL) to accommodate infants through adolescents - see more Feeder Seat sizing detail below
  • Floor Sitter Wedge available in two sizes (S/M/L and XL),where (S/M/L) fits S, M and L sized seats and (XL) fits X-Large sized seats
  • The Deluxe Floor Sitter combines both the above in the correct colour and sizing to help make your choice easier.
  • Options go in and out of stock on a regular basis so please do enquire about stock dates if the colour and size combination you require is not showing in stock right now

Small Seat Specification:

  • Overall height: 53cm (21 inches)
  • Outside width: 26.5cm (10.5 inches)
  • Inside depth: 20cm (8 inches)
  • Inner width: 18.7cm (7.75 inches)
  • Inner height: 46cm (18 inches)
  • Maximum user height: 91cm (36 inches)

Medium Seat Specification:

  • Overall height: 68.5cm (27 inches)
  • Outside width: 35.5cm (14 inches)
  • Inside depth: 24cm (9.5 inches)
  • Inner width: 22.8cm (9 inches)
  • Inner height: 58.5cm (23 inches)
  • Maximum user height: 122cm (48 inches)

Large Seat Specification:

  • Overall height: 86cm (34 inches)
  • Outside width: 43cm (17 inches)
  • Inside depth: 33cm (13.25 inches)
  • Inner width: 31.7cm (12.5 inches)
  • Inner height: 73cm (29 inches)
  • Maximum user height: 150cm (60 inches)

X-Large Seat Specification:

  • Overall height: 104cm (41 inches)
  • Outside width: 53cm (21 inches)
  • Inside depth: 42cm (16.5 inches)
  • Inner width: 38cm (15 inches)
  • Inner height: 89cm (35 inches)
  • Maximum user height: 183cm (72 inches)

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