Tumble Forms 2 Universal Side Layer

Tumble Forms 2 Universal Side Layer

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The Tumble Forms 2 Universal Side Layer provides a highly safe and supportive learning environment for children with conditions which inhibit mobility.

Positioning the child gently in the sideways position gives peace of mind to the parent or carer while the child plays with toys or interacts with people.

The unique side positioning decreases the risk of normal joint extension, maintains the correct shoulder angle and places the arms gently in the mid-line position.

Improved control of the head, arms, hands and co-ordination can also result from frequent use of the Tumble Forms 2 Universal Side Layer.

The soft base is angled upwards, helping to position the child as naturally as possible.

This Side Layer also features supple, simple-to-fit straps which allow adjustment to suit the child's continual development.

The Tumble Forms 2 Universal Side Layer includes soft and seamless upholstery, which is waterproof, hygienic and very easy to clean.

Depth: 35.5cm (14 inches).

Backrest height: 23cm (9 inches).

Base measurements: 106.5 x 58.5cm (42 x 23 inches).

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