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Pads For Fall Protection

Damage caused to joints and bones from falls is a significant cause of injury in the elderly and can even be life-threatening. Essential Aids has various wearable protectors and pads for fall protection which can be used on various parts of the body, guarding against injury. These come in the shape of fleece, foam padding and gel padding.

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  • Female Hipshield

    Female Hipshield

    These guard against hip fracture and are supplied as three pairs of underwear plus two pairs of pads.

    Price From: Excl. Tax: £58.56 ( £70.27 £70.27 inc VAT )
  • Male Hipshield

    Male Hipshield

    An injury prevention aid that protects the hips of the wearer.

    Price From: Excl. Tax: £58.56 ( £70.27 £70.27 inc VAT )
  • Fleece Open Slippers

    Fleece Open Slippers

    These 'open' slippers provide warm and protection while still allowing the feet to 'breathe'.

    Excl. Tax: £25.99 ( £31.19 £31.19 inc VAT )
  • Gelbodies Heel and Elbow Protectors

    Gelbodies Heel and Elbow Protectors

    Can be worn on the foot or arm to give protection to sensitive areas.

    Excl. Tax: £55.99 ( £67.19 £67.19 inc VAT )
  • Gelbodies Universal Knee Protectors

    Gelbodies Universal Knee Protectors

    This pair of knee protectors features high quality Trugel pressure distribution padding.

    Excl. Tax: £55.99 ( £67.19 £67.19 inc VAT )
  • Comfort Hand Pads - Pair

    Comfort Hand Pads - Pair

    These unique hand pads give increased pressure relief and support.

    Excl. Tax: £21.99 ( £26.39 £26.39 inc VAT )
  • Hip Protectors

    Hip Protectors

    A pair of elasticated shorts with padding to protect the hips.

    Price From: Excl. Tax: £127.99 ( £153.59 £67.19 inc VAT )