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trueCall Care Nuisance Call Blocker

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trueCall Care Nuisance Call Blocker

Product Details

The trueCall Care Nuisance Call Blocker works with your existing telephone to block unwanted calls, saving you time and effort.

It is easy to install, simply plugging in to your current phone and socket.

It is also mains powered operated, saving the need to replace batteries.

This effective Call Blocker works by checking every call that you receive, using the Caller-ID service that all network providers use.

If the call is recognised (from your pre-approved list), it is put straight through to you.

An unrecognised number receives a polite automatic message, such as 'Hello, this person is only accepting calls from friends and family; if the call is important, please try this alternative number...'

An alternative number can be recorded on the message, and the caller can reach a friend or relative if necessary.

The trueCall Care Nuisance Call Blocker can also be remotely managed online, enabling someone trusted to manage who can call you.

The first year of the online subscription is free, and just £25 annually after that.

The Call Blocker system can additionally work alongside pendant alarm systems for maximum convenience and safety.

A warning feature tells you if the phone is off the hook.

The trueCall Care Nuisance Call Blocker is a fantastic investment for any elderly or vulnerable person who may be bothered or confused by nuisance sales calls.

Length: 14.5cm (5 1/2 inches).

Width: 9.5cm (3 1/2 inches).

Depth: 4cm (1 1/2 inches).

Weight: 223g (8 ounces).

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