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Extra Loud Flash Doorbell with Vibrating Pager

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SPECIAL OFFER Extra Loud Flash Doorbell with Vibrating Pager

Product Details

The perfect solution to always being in the know when someone's at your door. With our Doorbell Pack, you'll receive everything you need to stay connected and never miss a visitor again.

Inside this pack, you'll find a Chime, Pager, and Bell Push, all designed to work seamlessly together to provide you with the ultimate doorbell experience. And the best part? It's completely wire-free, offering you unparalleled convenience with a remarkable wireless range of up to 250 meters.

Gone are the days of the mundane doorbell chime - with our Flash Doorbell, you get to personalise your experience. The Bell Push can be easily programmed with your favorite unique alarm tone, making it a delightful and distinctive addition to your home.

We believe in simplicity and ease of use, which is why we've eliminated complicated settings and displays. Our Flash Doorbell is designed to be user-friendly, so you can start using it right away without any hassle.

The flexibility of our Extra Loud Flash Doorbell doesn't end there. With four adjustable volume settings, you can set the chime to your preferred level, ensuring you'll never miss a visitor's arrival, even if you're on the other side of the house. For those moments when you're busy and might not hear the chime, the flashing light feature will catch your attention, making it ideal for even the most distracted individuals.

Whether you're in the kitchen cooking up a storm, engrossed in your favorite TV show, or simply relaxing in another room, the Flash Doorbell with Vibrate Pager has got you covered. With this reliable and intuitive doorbell system, you'll always be aware when someone is at your door.

Key User Benefits

You'll know someone is ringing your doorbell: With the Flash Doorbell with Vibrate Pager, you'll be hard-pushed to miss a visitor again. Enjoy the convenience of being instantly notified when someone is at your door, whether you're in the same room or on the other side of the house.

Hassle-Free and User-Friendly: Easy installation and setup, allowing you to start using the doorbell pack right away.

Reach Distant Areas Wirelessly: Enjoy the freedom of a wire-free system with an impressive wireless range of up to 250 meters. This ensures reliable communication between the Chime, Pager, and Bell Push, even in larger homes or properties with expansive outdoor areas.

Product Specifications

  • 4 volume levels and 52 melodies to choose from
  • Chime Volume: 65 to 110dB
  • System range of up to 250 metres
  • Main unit (excluding plug) length: 85mm (3.5")
  • Main unit width: 80mm (3.25")
  • Main unit height: 35mm (1.25")
  • Bell push length:70mm (2.75")
  • Bell push width: 40mm (1.5")
  • Bell push depth: 20mm (0.75mm)
  • Bell push battery: 23A (included)
  • Pager length: 90mm (3.5")
  • Pager width: 55mm (2")
  • Pager depth: 18mm (0.75")
  • Pager requires 2 x AAA batteries (not included)

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