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Multi Purpose Furniture Raiser

Set for an Armchair or Small Sofa

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Multi Purpose Furniture Raiser

Product Details

A Multi Purpose Furniture Raiser set can be used with chairs, settees and beds. Linked raisers provide the safest method of raising furniture as they are very stable, even for those who sit down forcefully.

Carefully developed using over 30 years of experience in British design and manufacturing of furniture raisers, coupled with feedback from Occupational Therapists, these really are an excellent choice.

The Multi-Purpose Raiser components can be used to build a stable raiser for the majority of armchairs, beds and sofas, yet can be removed without damaging or changing the furniture. This versatility can make it a little complicated to choose what you need exactly so we've created set options here for a Single Bed (with 4 legs or castors), an Armchair (again with 4 legs or castors), a Large Sofa (with 6 legs or castors) or a Double bed (with 6 legs or castors).

Each cup raiser is both load bearing on top and in the well, so it is a great choice for raising furniture with castors, solid bases, large wooden blocks that will rest on top, or large wooden legs that will fit inside. It can even raise the double castors found on divan beds.

The raisers effectively raise the height of the furniture about 3 inches, making it easier for you to get in and out of your bed or chair. You can raise the height in 2cm increments by adding clip-on sections to each cup.

The Multi Purpose Furniture Raisers are ideal for elderly or disabled people with limited leg strength and mobility.

  • Each of the cups is attached to a linking bar, ensuring a safe and secure base and spreading the load.
  • Suits castors, chunky legs and solid bases.
  • Maximum safe load: 500kg (78 stone).

Set for a Single Bed

  • Comprises of two main units for a Single Bed that has 4 legs or castors.

Set for Armchairs or Small Sofas

  • Two main units plus a spreader bar for seating with 4 castors/legs.

Set for a Large Sofa

  • Comprises of three main units for a Large Sofa that has 6 legs or castors.

Set for a Double Bed

  • This set has three main units plus three spreader bars for double beds with 6 legs or castors.

Single Main Raiser Unit

  • Length: 85-127cm (33 1/2-50 inches).
  • In the unlikely event that you need a spare, you can buy a single raiser unit.

Spreader Bars

  • Length: 48cm (19 inches).
  • Supplied in a pack of six.

Clip-on Sections

  • These can be used to adjust the height raise in 2cm (just under 1 inch) increments and are supplied in a pack of 12.

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