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Evacuation Overlay

Evacuation Overlay
Evacuation Overlay Evacuation Overlay
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The Evacuation Overlay means the patient does not have to be transferred from the mattress during an emergency.

It enables the patient to remain lying while they are safely strapped down and moved.

It is 90mm (3 1/2 inches) deep and can be fitted to the top of a conventional mattress.


Evacuation Overlay


The top surfaces is covered in a wipe clean, vapour permeable, two-way stretch material.

The underside is tough PVC, making it robust and suitable for sliding over any surface like stairs, for example.

The Evacuation Overlay is held onto the bed with tuck sections which double as cocooning flaps to protect the patient safely when in transit.

It is also flexible, allowing stairways and doorways to be negotiated.

The Evacuation Overlay is suitable for people weighing up to 153kg (24 stone).