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Tena Disposable Bed and Chair Pads

40 x 60cm - Pack of 30

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SPECIAL OFFER Tena Disposable Bed and Chair Pads

Product Details

These disposable protectors from leading brand, Tena can be used to cover surfaces to absorb leaks, reduce odours, and keep you dry and comfortable during the night.

Each pad is fitted with a flexible underpad made with Secure Zone Technology to provide the best absorbency ensuring mattresses and other furniture remain dry and undamaged.

Key User Benefits

  • Upgraded "Secure Zone" specification featuring diamond shaped absorption pockets provide superior coverage.
  • Designed to protect against incontinence on mattresses, chairs, and other furniture whilst keeping the user dry and comfortable.

Product Specifications

40 x 60cm

  • Tena Bed Plus
  • 30 pads per pack
  • Absorption: 600ml

60 x 60cm

  • Tena Bed Super
  • 30 pads per pack
  • Upgraded specification for sensitive skin
  • Absorption: 1,435ml

60 x 75cm

  • Tena Bed Plus
  • 25 pads per pack
  • Absorption: 1,570ml

60 x 90cm

  • Tena Bed Super
  • 26 pads per pack
  • Upgraded specification for sensitive skin
  • Absorption: 2,435ml

180 x 80cm – with wings

  • Tena Bed Plus
  • 20 pads per pack
  • Suitable for a double bed
  • Absorption: 2,300ml
  • This size also has tuck in flaps
  • Bed and Chair Protection
  • Leakage Protection
  • Odour Reduction
  • Highly Absorbent
  • Dermatologically Tested
  • Absorbent Micro-Beads
  • Disposable


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