Jubilee Luxury Fireside Chair


Jubilee Luxury Fireside Chair


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The Jubilee Luxury Fireside Chair was created to provide comfort to the elderly thanks to its optimal back, neck, and head support.

The chair has a sturdy wooden frame made to the highest UK standard ensuring complete stability, its compact design makes it perfect for locations where space may be limited.

A high back and padded wings provide extensive neck and head protection from droughts, while the luxurious but firm seat provides additional lumbar support.

Traditional wooden handles knuckles and hand grips are fitted to assist the user with rising from the chair without causing additional wear to the fabric.

Also included is a reversible cushion which has an easy-to-clean removable cover.

Seat height: 53cm (21").

Seat width: 51cm (20.5").

Seat depth: 47cm (18.5").

Chair height: 100cm (39").

Chair width: 68cm (26.75").

Chair depth: 71cm (28").

Maximum user weight: 115kg (18 stone).

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