Kylie Reuse Bed Pad- Triple


Kylie Reuse Bed Pad- Triple


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The Kylie Reuse Bed Pad-Triple is a pack of three extremely soft protective bed pads that are available in two colours - pink or blue.

This bed pad protects the bed from potential incontinence leaks while the user is resting or sleeping.

Ideal for use on a double bed, these pads are soft and uniquely designed with a one-way barrier which utilises a stay-dry surface that moves moisture away from the user.

This pad has a waterproof backing and features tuck-in flaps that allow for a secure fit to the bed.

The Kylie Reuse Bed Pad uses a five-layer technology that, using quilting, keeps the user dry, reduces bedding changes and prevents skin irritation.

This economical pad is washable up to 300 times at 95 degrees Celsius to kill any bacteria before using it again.

Absorbancy: 4000ml (135.2 fluid ounces).

Length: 139cm (54.75 inches).

Width: 91cm (36 inches).

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