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Category: Bedroom Aids

30 Mar 2022

Hitting the Sack in Later Years

Quality sleep makes for a quality day, so searching for the right mattress and bed pillow is worth the effort. Bear in mind that one mattress or...

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23 Sep 2021

Pillow Power and Well Being

Quality of sleep has a big impact on your performance during the day. To achieve good quality of sleep, you need enough hours, a comfortable...

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18 Aug 2021

Handling the Changes Brought with Ageing Joints and Bones

Arthritis stiffness and pain affects how we enjoy life.Weakened joints, reduced grip and the accompanying build up of pain, are but a few of the...

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18 Aug 2020

Bed Sores: Causes, Stages And Using Pressure Cushions

Pressure sores may develop if you sit down or lie in the same position for a sustained period of time.Also called bed sores or pressure ulcers, they...

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22 Jun 2020

Bedroom Aids - Useful Equipment to Help Get In and Out of Bed

If you find yourself with flexibility or strength issues, one of the tasks with which you may have difficulty, is getting in and out of bed. While...

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21 Jan 2020

Aids to Help Elderly People Spending Prolonged Periods in Bed

Issues like arthritis, back pain and joint stiffness can lead to difficulty in getting in and out of bed. As we get older and more toilet runs are...

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