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Category: Bathroom Aids

10 Nov 2022

Making a Bathroom a Sanctuary Available to Us All

For most adults, the bathroom is a sanctuary. It's the place where no-one can get you and where you can do uninterrupted thinking. It's you...

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29 Aug 2022

Showering Independently into Old Age

When age brings mobility issues, what used to be straightforward sometimes needs a 're-think'.A weakened frame, arthritis in the joints, age...

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26 Apr 2022

Males and Urinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence means accidental leakage of urine and can be a symptom of another condition.Whilst the onset of urinary incontinence increases...

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22 Feb 2022

Relaxation and General Health

In today's world, it can be very hard to find a moment in the day to relax. Finding and using that time will make huge differences to how you...

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25 Jan 2022

Making your Bathroom Safer with Light and Colour

A bathroom can be a sanctuary, a place of peace away from the hustle bustle of everyday life.By choosing lighting and colour, a bathroom can be...

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27 Dec 2021

Incontinence in Later Life - Causes, Prevention and Coping

Urinary incontinence is when the storage and release of urine from the bladder no longer functions as normal.There can be many reasons for, and...

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24 Nov 2021

Taking the Risk out of Personal Hygiene

A bathroom is a more risky place for the elderly than younger people.Pensioners usually have a less sturdy body than younger people and age also...

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29 Oct 2021

Age, Independence and Safety in the Bathroom

Hygiene is an important part of our personal health regime.Age, onset of arthritis, loss of energy and strength, mobility and dexterity changes, as...

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20 Aug 2021

Making the Bathroom Safer and More Manageable for Elderly People

As is with the kitchen, the bathroom is classified as one of the most dangerous rooms in the house.Eighty one percent of accidents in the bathroom...

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28 May 2021

Making Bathing a More Independent Experience for Elderly People

With age, what used to be straightforward (e.g. opening a tin with a tin opener) becomes more of a challenge than a chore, as we work out how to...

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01 Jan 2021

Overcoming Challenges Faced by Elderly People with Dementia in Home Environments

As the average age of the UK population steadily increases, there is a corresponding growth in the number of conditions which are associated with...

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02 Dec 2020

5 Products that help with Bathroom Safety for Elderly People

For people living with balance or coordination problems, the bathroom is an area of the house in which it is important to remain safe.Tiling and...

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24 Sep 2020

Challenges of Impaired Mobility in the Bathroom and Ways to Overcome Them

The physical restrictions old age may throw at us can be daunting, but it's important to realise that there is equipment available to help. Lots...

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28 Aug 2020

Using Disinfectant in the Bathroom and Around the Home

Since the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic, there has been a massive increase in the use of disinfectants. Government guidance has highlighted the...

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28 Jul 2020

All You Need to Know About Bathing Aids

Bathing and personal hygiene are important parts of everyone's daily routine. When mobility issues arise, choosing the correct bathing aids...

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16 May 2020

Why Seating in Showers and Baths Helps Many People

One of the simplest yet most effective disability aids for the bathroom is seating equipment for the shower or the bath itself. Being able to stand...

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12 Feb 2020

Choosing Practical Disability Aids for Balance in the Bathroom

Growing older brings a host of new challenges which we may not see coming. As our strength, balance and flexibility starts to reduce, some daily...

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10 Jan 2020

Top 5 Pieces of Equipment to Safely Get In and Out of the Bath

The ability to keep yourself clean is one of the basics of maintaining independence in old age. However, many physical conditions associated with...

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