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Archive: August 2020

28 Aug 2020

Using Disinfectant in the Bathroom and Around the Home

Since the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic, there has been a massive increase in the use of disinfectants. Government guidance has highlighted the...

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18 Aug 2020

Bed Sores: Causes, Stages And Using Pressure Cushions

Pressure sores may develop if you sit down or lie in the same position for a sustained period of time.Also called bed sores or pressure ulcers, they...

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11 Aug 2020

Getting Comfortable With Your Crutches

If you're using crutches for the first time because you're recovering from an injury, or due to a chronic condition, there may be things you...

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07 Aug 2020

Pill Boxes - Things to Think About When Organising Your Medication

Many people have health conditions that mean they need to take a lot of medicine, often on a daily basis. Keeping track of which pills you need and...

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