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Category: Toilet Aids

21 Oct 2022

Personal Hygiene Support When Immobile

There are many situations in life which bring about the need for an individual to spend a long period of time in bed. These can include illness and...

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31 May 2022

Staying on the Rails of Independence

As one gets older, one's body changes and a descriptive way to think of this is that the elasticity of our bones and muscles starts to lose...

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26 Apr 2022

Seniors and Independence - What Needs to be in Place

Ageing happens and it can bring with it a reduced level of independence, as parts of the body do indeed begin to show and feel their age. Caring for...

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29 Nov 2021

Incontinence, Quality of Life and Restful Sleep

Loss of bladder control can come about as a result of diabetes, the menopause, an enlarged prostate, lifestyle and also as a result of other...

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14 Jul 2021

Managing Incontinence and Maintaining Hygiene

Age may cause us to slow down and to take things easy, meaning that regular exercising of muscles doesn't happen as a matter of course. Muscle...

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09 Jun 2020

Buying a Commode Chair? - Here's What You Need to Know

Commodes play an important part in the lives of those whose physical condition makes it difficult to use the bathroom. People with certain...

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24 Mar 2020

A Guide to Simple Bathroom Aids for Disabled or Elderly People

Retaining independence regardless of physical impairments is a key goal for most people, regardless of their age. While certain disabilities and age...

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16 Jan 2020

Your Buying Guide for Toilet Assistance Products

Losing one's balance or strength because of a medical condition can make using the toilet more difficult. Whether it's just being unsteady...

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