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Category: Mobility Aids

22 May 2020

How a Wheeled Walker Benefits Your Mobility

Using a mobile support frame can have significant practical benefits for people who struggle to walk unaided. Walking frames with wheels, often ref...

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12 May 2020

Guide to Maintaining Wheelchairs and Wheelchair Ramps

Wheelchairs need to be consistently maintained if they’re to last and remain safe to use. If it is being used on a weekly or daily basis, it’s ...

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7 May 2020

Essential Aids for the Elderly - Incontinence Care at Home

Essential Aids has a fantastic range of incontinence care products, packed with items to provide the user with confidence, dignity and hygiene. Our...

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21 Apr 2020

Disability Aids Explained: What’s Out There and How Can it Help?

The market for mobility aids in the UK has exploded in recent years. As the population gets older and awareness increases of the type of products a...

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16 Apr 2020

Improve Your Mobility with Wheelchair Ramps and Accessories

There are a huge range of wheelchair accessories now on the market which all enhance greater independence for a variety of reasons. These accessori...

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13 Apr 2020

A Short Guide to Types of Walking Aids Available for Elderly People

People in the UK are living longer than ever before. While it’s nice to look forward to being around well into old age, it does provide its own c...

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9 Apr 2020

All You Need To Know About Wheeled Walkers and Rollators

Walking aids with wheels can be transformative pieces of equipment for people with compromised mobility. They provide a moving support platform whi...

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17 Mar 2020

Walking Frames: Making Life Easier One Step at a Time

Walking frames offer excellent support if you’re living with mobility problems or recovering from injury. They provide a mobile platform whic...

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6 Mar 2020

Essential Aids’ Guide to Manual Wheelchairs

For people who believe they may need a wheelchair for essential medical reasons, the first step is to talk to a GP. They will help you access a ful...

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7 Feb 2020

6 Tips for the Correct Use of Forearm Crutches

Using crutches in the correct manner is important. Whether you are recovering from an operation or injury, or you need them for a chronic condition...

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