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Category: Kitchen Aids

02 Mar 2022

Eating Your Way Out of Old Age

Whilst wisdom might be wasted on the young, that same wisdom helps people cope with physical changes which happen to the older physique.Ageing...

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27 Oct 2021

Dining, Sociability and Independence

Aches, pain and reduced mobility are indeed a part of growing old. Failing eyesight and reduced mental reasoning may also present themselves in...

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23 Sep 2021

The Perfectly Ergonomic Kitchen - Professional, Safe and Age-Friendly

A professional kitchen is one that is well organised and is ergonomically suitable for its user.Ergonomic means that a space is efficient,...

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04 Mar 2021

Kitchen Gadgets and Equipment Which Help People with a Weak Grip

Using specially adapted equipment is an important part of keeping ones independence later in life.The modern market for mobility and disability aids...

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29 Sep 2020

8 Kitchen Aids for the Elderly to Stay Independent in the Kitchen

Living independently in one's own home to as late an age as possible is a goal for most people. While day-to-day life may produce certain...

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12 Mar 2020

Perching Stools - Life on the Edge

Many people in later life find it difficult to stand unsupported for even short periods of time. While there are pieces of equipment like grab rails...

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18 Feb 2020

Clever Adapted Cutlery Makes A Difference At Mealtimes

There are a number of health conditions which may make it difficult to eat with standard cutlery. Hand and arm tremors, reduced strength or limited...

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