How a Shopping Trolley Bag Can Improve your Way of Life

How a Shopping Trolley Bag Can Improve your Way of Life

Whilst shopping trolley bags are available to all, for people with mobility problems, limited lifting capacity and also elderly people, these useful aids go the extra mile in shopping comfort.

The stability that a shopping trolley bag gives is transferred to the user, who can then walk more steadily with the trolley to hold on to.

For people who use a walking stick, carrying shopping will put their body frame off balance and so a shopping trolley bag can drop the shopping weight to a supported ground level and lessen the strain on the user.

A full shopping trolley bag can fit comfortably in the boot of a car, though lifting it into the boot depends on the lifting capacity of the user, or if assistance is available for this task.

Size Really Does Matter

Shopping trolley bags come in different widths (ranging between 25 and 62.5 cms. (10 and 25 inches) and so knowing its main purpose will help you decide which is right for you.

When identifying the maximum capacity of each shopping trolley bag width, take your lifting capacity into consideration, before buying.

The wider the bag, the heavier the weight when empty and so the heavier it could be when packed with items, due to the extra space available to fill.

Shopping trolley bags have different handle extension lengths, so a smaller length may be better suited to the shorter person and the longer one to the taller.

Handle lengths range between 75 and 97.5 cms. (30 to 39 inches) and also 100 and 122.5 cms. (40 to 49 inches).

Getting the right handle length is of paramount importance, to avoid arching one's back with too short a handle, or pulling the trolley bag at a low angle with too long a handle.

The weight of shopping trolley bags tend to range between five kgs. (11 lbs.) and twenty five kgs. 55 lbs. / 3 stone 13 lbs.). The smaller the bag, the less it holds.

The Shopping Trolley with Seat

Some shopping trolley bags come with a seat facility, ideal for if you get breathless and need to take a minute, or if you prefer your return journey to be split up into manageable chunks.

When going for a daily stroll, the shopping trolley with seat can carry your few items (e.g. packed lunch, coat, glasses, purse and maybe a book) and supply you with a seat to enjoy the occasion.

For the shopping trolley with seat, check that the seat height works for you, as taller people might find its height to be a little too low to ease down onto.

If travelling by bus, a shopping trolley with seat can provide somewhere to sit whilst waiting at the bus stop.

Always check the maximum weight capacity of user that particular brands of shopping trolleys with seats can take, to avoid injury to the user or damage to the shopping trolley with seat itself.

Some brands of shopping trolley with seat can now offer an insulated shopping trolley food bag, which can rest on the seat.

Occupational therapists recommend light exercise and the shopping trolley with seat can encourage and support gentle exercise for people with slight balance problems, as well as help people in need of rehabilitation to build up the strength lost from accident or injury.

Design Features

Some shopping trolley bags are foldable, making for easier packing and storage and, when out shopping, can be carried until needed.

Shopping trolley bags come in two, four and six wheel designs.

Some shopping trolley bags have an inbuilt facility of stair / step climbing, which could prove very handy to those who have steps to their property.

Some frames might be made of light aluminium alloy construct, which makes the overall weight of the fully packed item more manageable.

A small interior pocket is an added advantage in a shopping trolley bag, as it allows you to know where keys, money, phones and glasses are, without rummaging through the whole bag.

These bags have many different closing styles, including a lid, a seat, velcro, a drawstring and a zip, so there's plenty of choice out there.

The waterproof or wipe around facility of shopping trolley bags mean that they can both look good and be serviceable for years to come.

Some shopping trolley bags have reflector strips attached, a safety element if walking in failing light.

If you use a walking stick, or like to have an umbrella constantly available, some shopping trolley bags have an outside pocket designed for placing such items in, when not in use.

The big wheels on shopping trolley bags help iron out the bumps on an uneven surface, saving you having to steer round holes in the road or pavement, should the trolley bag have small wheels.

Some models sport a lifting cord, allowing you to raise the handle into position without having to bend down.

Some models have a parking brake, which will be the mode to be in when standing still or sitting down.

For those with arthritic hands, check that the handle gives you a comfortable grip e.g. a rubber or spongy hand grip

Once classed as an item for the elderly, the shopping trolley bag now displays many styles, colours and designs and is becoming popular with all ages.

Using a Shopping Trolley Bag

Shopping trolley bags are usually pulled but sometimes pushed. Your physical needs may prefer one method to the other.

Two-wheeled models are easier to use when mounting stairs.

Be sure that getting the tilt needed for using the shopping trolley bag is easy to achieve and beware that, when full of shopping, getting that tilt may not be so easy.

If the shopping trolley bag of your choice sports twin fixed wheels (two pairs of wheels on a pivoting axle at the front), this makes turning on the spot easier, swivelling rather than having to push and pull small motions like an eight point turn, to turn your shopping trolley bag around.

Shopping trolley bags are not designed for leaning on and so should never be used for that purpose.

Like a suitcase on wheels, having the shopping trolley bag too far away from the body can cause the risk of others tripping over it, so always be diligent.


When having to wait in a queue at a checkout, having a seat to sit on can make the world of difference to your shopping experience.

Children feel hindered by carrying things and, should you be responsible for the school run, popping satchels, packed lunch boxes, gym kits and books into a shopping trolley will save the day.

When shopping, it's sometimes the case that two hands are just not enough e.g. lots of separate bags, or holding a child's hand as well as shopping bags, highlighting that a shopping trolley bag is useful to all.

Using a shopping trolley bag rather than carrying shopping will take the pressure off the user's back, neck and upper body, arms and legs.


A shopping trolley bag can easily team up as an overnight bag, holding everything you could need for a one or two night break.

When working with people with disabilities, having a day out can involve carrying special aids (e.g. drinking cups and specially-designed cutlery, cushions and computers), as well as medication. A shopping trolley with seat could provide storage for all items, plus a seat for occasional use.

For those who enjoy the open air, taking your own seat with you can only be a bonus.

Popping to the corner shop can provide stimulation to elderly people who receive few visitors. Having a trolley bag with seat can provide the shopping space, a seat to sit on and the opportunity to mix casually with neighbours who are going about their daily business, as well as provide balance and walking support for the short trip out.


Transferring shopping weight away from the person and onto a shopping trolley bag gives more stability and balance to the user.

Unless you have assistance when shopping, when choosing the right size shopping trolley bag width for you, take your own personal lifting capacity into consideration, before buying.

Left unfolded, a shopping trolley bag doesn't take up much room in the house, though it could also be left in the car boot for the next trip out.

Shopping trolley bags are ideal for those who use walking sticks, as the trolley bag reduces the pressure on the body and gives more stability and balance to the user.

Using a shopping trolley with seat can enhance social interaction, as travelling short distances becomes more within your reach.

Shopping trolley bags are versatile - if it can be used for a purpose, why not do just that?

Essential Aids supplies a range of shopping trolleys, as well as other walking aids like rollators and wheeled walking frames.

Models include those with three and four wheels, some with shopping baskets built in underneath the fold-down seat.

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