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All You Need to Know About Bathing Aids

All You Need to Know About Bathing Aids

Bathing and personal hygiene are important parts of everyone's daily routine. When mobility issues arise, choosing the correct bathing aids allows an individual to continue with their bathing regime and maintain the standards of self care that they've always been used to.

Essential Aids supplies a wide range of ergonomic, lightweight and economic bathing aids that allow people to feel fresh, confident and hygienic, overcoming any physical conditions which may restrict them.

The comprehensive selection of items covers all aspects of bathing. Some of these include: bath steps and boards, shower chairs and stools, easy-to-use bathroom tools, grab rails for security and safety, long handled sponges and scrubbers and cushions and pillows for comfort.

Each item has been sourced after careful consideration and research into their merits - primarily quality and usefulness. The following breakdown is a comprehensive guide in order to help you make the perfect decision when choosing bathing aids.

Shower stools

Shower stools are among Essential Aids' most popular products. They're lightweight, so are easy to move if need be and once in position the rubber ferrules (or feet) grip the shower tray securely whilst leaving no marks. The legs of the shower stool itself easily extend so they're ideal for a wide range of heights.

The aluminium frames also allow a weight limit of approx 18-21 stone - this depends on the particular specification of each stool. The aluminium legs ensure that this item will remain rust free and last for years to come.

A shower stool is also a handy addition outside of the shower cubicle and can also provide a safe and comfortable place to sit in the bathroom.

The shower stools themselves come in a variety of styles, some have a simple flat seat, others have a curved seat, some have a back and/or armrests for extra security.

Essential Aids also provides folding shower seats that are fixed to the wall and can be folded up out of the way when not in use, making this a fantastic space saving option. These also come in a variety of designs, with or without armrests.

For larger users, it might be worth considering a shower bench. These are wider and have much greater weight bearing capacity than standard bathroom seating options.

Bath steps

Having a bath is a relaxing and comforting way to wind down after a long day and soothe aching muscles. A bath step allows a user with restricted hip or knee mobility to get in and out of the bath without having to lift their leg high.

Essential Aids offer a wide variety of fantastic bath steps that are cleverly constructed from lightweight, reinforced plastic, with easy grip rubber on the treads to prevent any risk of slipping - even with wet feet.

Some bath steps have an adjustable height and all can also be used as a handy step around the house; for example, in the kitchen for reaching items in tall cupboards.

Other models of bath step have a long support rail attached, which is made of strong, rust proof aluminium. The rail provides extra support and safety for bathers who may be unsteady on their feet.

Bath seats

An ideal companion to the bath step is the bath seat. These are made from durable plastic and have legs with adjustable heights. Depending on the particular model, they are able to accommodate weights of up to 30 stone.

The legs of the bath seat have suction cups on the feet, which secures it firmly in place. Despite being securely fixed to the bathtub, these suction cups also detach easily and the bath seat can be lifted out if necessary.

Some varieties of Essential Aids bath seats can swivel, allowing the user even more ease with which to enter and exit the bathtub. The swivel bath seats have the added comfort and security of a backrest and armrests, making this an ideal choice for those with fatigue, weakness or balance issues.

Bath boards

Bath boards are alternatives to bath seats. A bath board generally sits higher than the bath seat, and is similarly an ideal choice for people who are concerned about standing for long periods or slipping when in the shower. It creates an effective seat which bridges across the top of the bath, from one side to the other.

Bath boards are made from durable, hygienic, lightweight plastic, but Essential Aids also offers a wooden option. The boards are either slatted or perforated to allow the water to run through and are supported in place by adjustable brackets and non-slip pads which make them compatible with the width of most bathtubs.

Bath cushions and pillows

If lying in a bath is an option, then Essential Aids have a great range of bath cushions and pillows that enhance the bather's comfort. Bath cushions tend to be for the base of the bath with suction cups to hold the cushion securely in place.

They help to relieve pressure on sensitive areas and provide comfort and security, preventing the user from slipping around in the bathtub. Some are inflatable, making storage and transportation easy.

Bath pillows are designed for the back and head to rest on. Again, these allow greater comfort and protection from the bath's hard surfaces. Often designed with a winged shape, they add an element of luxury and relaxation to the bathing experience.

Bath strips

Bath strips are self adhesive strips of soft textured rubber that come in packs of approximately twenty. They enable greater safety and security when either standing to shower or whilst lying in the bath by reducing the slippery surfaces of the bath enamel or plastic.

The strips can be configured in any format they wish. For instance, the strips could be placed along the whole length of the bath or just around the shower's standing area.

Rubber bath mats

A great way of securing the slipper surface of the bathtub. Essential Aids have a diverse selection of non-slip bath mats which are available in different lengths and textures.

All are easy to clean and remove and fix to the bathtub with suction pads. These mats are ideal to prevent bathers or those having a shower from the worry of slipping - ensuring a more relaxing bathing experience.

Grab rails

Essential Aids have an extensive range of grab rails, all of which are an extremely handy addition for the bathroom. They allow the user additional safety and security when getting in and out of the bath or shower. They are also useful in combination with a shower stool.

They can assist the bather to lower themselves into the bathtub, or pull themselves up out of the bath and also to steady someone whilst standing in the shower. Grab rails come in a wide range of sizes.

Some affix to the wall with very strong suction cups - allowing for versatility in placement of the grab rail. Others screw securely into the wall or tiles. All are made of either durable moulded plastic or rust-proof coated metal.

Grab rails are not always fixed to the wall, some long rails can be attached to the floor. Other grab rails are secured to the side of the bath with a clamp, so that the user is able to have a rail on both sides or the bath if they wish.

Also there is a padded rail available, for those who desire a bit of extra comfort. Folding support rails are also popular choices. These are fixed to the wall with screws and are a great option if you want to store them neatly out of the way when not in use.

Long handled bathing accessories

Essential Aids have a fantastic and comprehensive range of long-handled bathing accessories for those with restricted mobility. These accessories include: long-handled sponges, body brushes, hair brushes, hair combs, toe washers, lotion applicator, toenail cutters and clippers.

All long-handled accessories are made of lightweight, moulded plastic, enabling ease of use and means they're also easy to clean. The ergonomic design of these accessories makes them cleverly contoured to enable people to reach areas of their body with minimal effort.

These items allow the user to achieve a high standard of self care, hygiene and grooming, which inevitably provides a sense of confidence and independence that is so important.

Foot hygiene

Essential Aids also offer a selection of foot-sole cleaners, which fix to the bathtub or shower tray with suction pads. This means that no bending is necessary in order to thoroughly clean one's feet.

Cast and dressing protectors

Maintaining hygiene after an operation can be particularly challenging. Essential Aids have a great range of cast and dressing protectors that can keep injured parts of the body completely dry whilst the user showers or is bathing.

The durable plastic sleeves come in a huge range of sizes and are ideal for either the arm, leg, ankle or hand. The protectors are all made from soft, textured rubber that is see-through.

The elasticated access hole securely prevents water from ingressing into the sleeve or protector, allowing the user peace of mind when bathing.

The durable material from which the protectors are constructed facilitate multiple uses, meaning that this is a cost effective option.

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Sally Madeley-Carr, OT

Sally Madeley-Carr, OT

Sally qualified as an Occupational Therapist in 1996 and is a well-respected professional in the field of rehabilitation equipment and living aids. She has worked in private practice and within the NHS, developing a broad experience with adults and children. Click here for Sally's registration with the Health and Care Professions Council. The HCPC regulates health, psychological and social work professionals in the UK.

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