Trekker Gait Trainer Accessories

Trekker Gait Trainer Accessories

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These Trekker Gait Trainer Accessories are designed to enable versatile customisation options of the Trekker Gait Trainer.

The Trekker Gait Trainer provides a fun, supportive and safe way for children to explore their body and environment, particularly if they are unable to walk unassisted.

The following accessories are all available separately as special - order items.

Please check that dimensions and sizing is correct before purchase, as these items are non-returnable.

Trekker Hip Positioner & Pad

This removable pad helps to position the pelvis and hips, and provides comfortable padding.

It includes adjustable straps for the ideal fit, and allows the child to concentrate on movement while feeling stable.

Crotch length: Small 6.3cm (2 1/2 inches) or Large 8.9cm (3 1/2 inches).

Crotch width: Small 3.2cm (1 1/4 inches) or Large 4.4cm (1 3/4 inches).

Length: Small 22.9cm (9 inches) or Large 27.9cm (11 inches).

Trunk Support

This upper body support helps to position and hold the torso at the ideal angle.

Correct posture and alignment of the spine is encouraged gently.

The Trunk Support is height, depth, width and angle adjustable, as well as padded for cushioned comfort.

Padded straps are included to help secure the child in any position, upright or forward-leaning.

Adjustable circumference range: Small 35.5-71.1cm (14 - 28 inches), Medium 55.8-101.6cm (22 - 40 inches) or Large 71.1-127cm (28 - 50 inches).

Height of Trunk Support: Small 11.4cm (4 1/2 inches), Medium 16.5cm (6 1/2 inches) or Large 20.3cm (8 inches).

Thigh Prompts

These thigh supports can be positioned to gently hold the legs at an ideal angle for walking.

They are soft and flexible, moving with the natural walking movement of the child.

Weight shifting from one leg to another becomes easier, and the child feels more confident taking each step.

The Thigh Prompts are height adjustable to enable the limitation of adductive or abductive movement if necessary.

Distance between mounting bracket and strap: Small 12.7cm-20.3cm (5 - 8 inches) or Large 12.7-27.9cm (5 - 11 inches).

Maximum Leg Circumference: Small 38.1cm (15 inches) or Large 50.8cm (20 inches).

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