Trotter Pushchair

Trotter Pushchair

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The Trotter Pushchair is a lightweight yet robust pushchair specially designed for children who require extra support.

Ideal for children with conditions such as Cerebral Palsy or Scoliosis, this folding pushchair offers versatile, gentle positioning options to help them stay comfortable while out and about.

Custom positioning is easy with all of the adjustable features, allowing the chair to adapt continually to the child's needs.

The Trotter Pushchair features a pelvic belt and five point 'H' harness for easy positioning.

The straps of the harness have a soft and luxurious feel, with cosy faux wool on one side and velour on the other.

Removable footrests are also included for extra stability to the feet and legs.

The 20cm (8 inches) front castors and 25cm (10 inches) rear wheels with toggle lock work together to provide the ultimate safety and ease of manoeuvring.

Backrest tilt options for all Trotter Pushchair sizes: 85, 90 or 95 degrees.

Adjustable seat angle: 15 - 22 degrees.

Many additional accessories for extra support options are sold separately, such as a Tray and Raincover.

Five sizes are available to achieve the best possible fit for every individual.

Trotter Pushchair Small

Seat width: 30cm (12 inches).

Seat depth: 30-35cm (12-14 inches).

Back height: 51cm (20 inches).

Seat to floor height: 56cm (22 inches).

Product weight: 8.6kg (1 1/4 stone).

Maximum user weight: 34kg (5 stone).

Trotter Pushchair Medium

Seat width: 35cm (14 inches).

Seat depth: 30-38cm (13-15 inches).

Back height: 58cm (23 inches).

Seat to floor height: 58cm (23 inches).

Product weight: 9.5kg (1 1/2 stone).

Maximum user weight: 45.4kg (7 stone).

Trotter Pushchair Large

Seat width: 41cm (16 inches).

Seat depth: 35-41cm (14-16 inches).

Back height: 61cm (24 inches).

Seat to floor height: 61cm (24 inches).

Product weight: 11kg (1 3/4 stone).

Maximum user weight: 77kg (12 stone).

Trotter Pushchair Extra Large

Seat width: 46cm (18 inches).

Seat depth: 38-43cm (15-17 inches).

Back height: 64cm (25 inches).

Seat to floor: 64cm (25 inches).

Product weight: 13.6kg (2 stone).

Maximum user weight: 113.4kg (18 stone).

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