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Walking Sticks, Canes & Accessories

This department features our range of high-quality straight and folding walking sticks. A walking stick can be a great aid for people with mobility or balance issues. Walking stick accessories like rubber ‘ferrules’ are also available here. Ferrules fit to the bottom of the stick to prevent slipping. A walking stick with seat is another other popular product found in this section. Essential Aids’ folding walking sticks collapse down when not in use so they can fit in a handbag or rucksack. We also walking canes made from wood or lightweight aluminium. Check out these other mobility aids here.

This department features our range of high-quality straight and folding walking sticks. A walking stick can be a great aid for people with mobility or balance issues. Walking stick accessories like rubber ‘ferrules’


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Frequently Asked Questions
What is the purpose of a walking stick?

A walking stick provides support to those who may have difficulty walking unaided.

Typically a user will use one stick, but some people use two at the same time, one in each hand.

Who might benefit from using a walking stick?

People with general mobility difficulties which impair their capacity to walk often use a support stick or cane.

Many elderly people use walking canes both in the home and outdoors.

They may also assist people recovering from injury.

Are walking sticks all the same?

No, there are numerous styles of walking sticks:

Traditional wooden sticks - conventional designs remain popular today.

Many sticks of this kind have the 'crook' style of handle and are made with various kinds of wood.

Sticks of this kind may need cutting down to size.

Aluminium adjustable walking sticks - modern aluminium alloys are rigid yet strong and light in weight.

This, along with its non-corrosive properties, make it an ideal metal for many mobility aids, including walking sticks.

Aluminium walking sticks are usually height adjustable by means of two interconnecting shafts.

One slides inside the other and can be set to the designed extension by means of a simple pin clip, which is easy to adjust.

Walking sticks with ergonomic handles - conventional walking sticks often have fairly narrow handles.

In some cases, this may cause pain in the hands, especially if the stick is used for prolonged periods.

Those suffering from Arthritis in the hands often report this kind of discomfort.

Some walking sticks have special handles which are both contoured in shape and wider than the standard.

This 'ergonomic' design means they spread the user's weight through the palms, increasing comfort.

These handles are sometimes called 'Fischer' handles.

It's important to note that they are designed specifically to fit either the left or right hand, so make sure you select the correct one.

Which size ferrule does my walking stick need?

'Ferrules' are the rubber or plastic cap which fits to the end of the stick and makes contact with the ground as you walk.

They provide a high-friction surface which reduces the chance of the end of the stick slipping on hard surfaces.

Ferrules are available in different sizes to accommodate the various shaft diameters found in walking sticks.

Make sure you measure your stick and make the appropriate choice of ferrule.

Are walking sticks with multiple feet more stable?

Yes, they are more stable and will stand up unsupported if need be.

This makes them ideal for people who might have difficulty bending to the floor and picking up conventional walking sticks.

The drawback with walking sticks with three or four feet is that they are fairly bulky mobility aids.

This makes them less manoeuvrable than standard sticks.

Are extra-strong walking sticks available?

'Bariatric' heavy duty walking aids which have reinforced shafts are available for obese individuals who need reliably strong mobility aids.

Are walking stick length-adjustable?

Aluminium sticks can be easily adjusted to size, with solid wood sticks must be cut to the desired length.

Are folding walking sticks as rigid as conventional sticks?

Folding walking sticks have a locking mechanism which makes them rigid when in use but are able to fold away quickly for easy stowage.

They are not as strong as solid walking sticks, so it's important to check the maximum weight capacity before choosing one.

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