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Bed & Chair Tables

If you are looking for a quality over bed table, Essential Aids has an extensive range of bedroom aids. The legs of these tables slide or roll beneath a bed or chair, providing a stable table-top above which can be easily maneuvered into position. Many of our models are height adjustable and can be used as an over armchair table if required. An over chair table for elderly people or others who might find it difficult standing up or sitting down. An armchair table like those found here, is great for eating meals without having to come to the dining table.

If you are looking for a quality over bed table, Essential Aids has an extensive range of bedroom aids. The legs of these tables slide or roll beneath a bed or chair,


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Frequently Asked Questions
What is an overbed table?

An overbed table slides or rolls into position in front of someone sitting in bed, providing them with a horizontal surface over their lap.

You will be familiar with large versions which are standard issue in NHS wards.

The ones suitable for use at home tend to be smaller, mobile tables.

What is an overchair table - is it different?

Most tables of this kind are designed for both beds and chairs, but it's important to check the range of height adjustment to ensure it goes low enough to suit a chair.

There are one or two models which are designed specifically for armchairs.

What's the purpose of an overbed or overchair table?

They provide the user with a flat surfaced table in a convenient position, which can be easily slid or rolled away when not in use.

Who might use an overbed table?

People who have difficulty walking or are bed-bound for long periods of time.

It may be more convenient to take your meals without leaving bed, and an overbed table makes this possible.

Even if you're not intending to use it for meals, there are plenty of other reasons for having one.

You might use it for a tablet or laptop computer, or to support books or magazines.

Do I need to consider clearance space for the feet or wheels of the overbed table?

Yes, it's important to know the ground clearance available, before choosing a suitable model.

As the table's feet are positioned under the bed or chair when in use, you need to ensure there is enough space for them to fit.

If the table is for an armchair or divan bed, there may only be a small amount of vertical space available.

These include zip-up full-body covers, as well as smaller items like hand muffs.

In these instances, you will need a table with small castor wheels or even one without wheels.

These modes need to be slid in and out of position, but typically require very little clearance space.

Are tilting overbed tables available?

Many models can be set so the table's surface tilts at an angle.

This is a useful feature for propping open newspapers or magazines, or for resting a tablet computer so that the screen is easily visible.

How do you prevent objects rolling off the surface?

Most overbed tables have lips or raised edges, preventing objects falling off.

Does an overbed table adjust in height?

Almost all overbed tables adjust for height, making them compatible with most sizes of bed.

Some have an internal hydraulic mechanism which lowers or raises the table-top at the touch of a button.

Others have manual pin-clips which fix the table at the required height.

Can I get an overbed table which fits tightly around me?

There are curved tables available which contour to the body and provide resting space for the arms.

These models are often suitable for armchairs or for wheelchair users.

How much space do I need for an overbed table?

It's important to measure the space around the bed, before choosing a table of this kind.

Remember that it needs room next to the bed where it will be pushed when not in use.

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