Rhythm World Percussion Pack

Rhythm World Percussion Pack

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This Rhythm World Percussion Pack can be used to provide a fun and interactive activity for groups.

It can be used in music and sensory therapy with children and adults.

The pack contains instruments from many different places from around the world, and a map with details about the countries of origin is included.

Supplied with the Rhythm World Percussion Pack are:

• Clay Ocarina.

• Coconut Maraca.

• Frog.

• Gourd Maracas.

• Seed Shaker.

• Large Seed Shaker.

• Tibetan Bells.

• Bamboo Slit Drum.

• Bamboo Guiro.

• Kyamba.

• Guinea Pig Guiro/Shaker.

• Rainstick.

• Football Rattle.

• Monkey Drum.

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