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Mobility Care Chrome Rollator

Mobility Care Chrome Rollator
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This Mobility Care Chrome Rollator provides extra support and storage for carrying items.

It is easy to manoeuvre and suitable for use both indoors and outdoors.

This lightweight, 3-wheeled rollator is the ideal solution if you sometimes feel a little unstable on your feet or if you get tired easily when standing or walking for long periods of time.

The rollator can be used both indoors or outdoors making it the perfect accessory when shopping or going out for the day.

Large 200mm (8 inches) puncture proof wheels allow the Mobility Care Chrome Rollator to be used on a variety of surfaces whilst also offering excellent stability and manoeuvrability.

The rollator also has easy to use. push-to-lock brakes which are helpful when stopped on a hill or when waiting at a bus stop for example.

The high quality rollator is made from steel and as a result has excellent strength.

It has a modern design with a silver frame, chrome and black details and grey wheels.

The height of the rollator is also adjustable to make it suitable for a wide range of different users.

The height is adjusted by releasing the two black levers positioned on either side of the frame beneath the handles and brake levers.

Once these are released the handles can be raised or lowered to the required position before the levers are tightened once again.

The Mobility Care Chrome Rollator can also be folded by releasing the locking mechanism which holds the two sides of the frame in place.

Once this has been released the two side of the frame can be pushed together to significantly reduce the rollator's width.

The included, black bag can also be attached in the centre of the rollator so that shopping and other items can be stored and carried easily.

This allows you to use both handles and receive the maximum support instead of having to carry bags and other items.

By folding the rollator it can also easily be fitted into a car boot or a storage compartment on a coach or bus.

This makes the rollator ideal for taking on holidays and day trips.

At just six kilograms the Mobility Care Chrome Rollator is very light so that you can easily move it when you need to.

Height Adjustable: 810-940mm (32-37 inches).

Width: 670mm (26 inches).

Folded Width: 260mm (10 inches).

Maximum user weight: 125kg (20 stone).

Product weight: 6kg (1 stone).