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Rising Seats & Aids

Getting to your feet from a sitting position can be difficult if you are living with certain health conditions. Essential Aids Rising Seats section of mobility aids offers a range of innovative products which make the process easier. We supply cushions which physically push you upwards as you stand up, like the Easy Rise Booster Cushion. Alternatively, depending on your condition or disability, booster cushions may be a simple way of reducing the distance of travel between standing and sitting. If seat riser cushions don’t fit the bill, we also supply special furniture ‘feet’ which raise the height of the sofa, armchair or bed by effectively extending the length of the legs.

Getting to your feet from a sitting position can be difficult if you are living with certain health conditions. Essential Aids Rising Seats section of mobility aids offers a range of innovative


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Frequently Asked Questions
What are rising seats and aids?

Cushions and other pieces of equipment which help someone get to their feet from a sitting position, or visa versa.

Who might use a rising seat?

These are important mobility aids for those with compromised strength, flexibility or balance.

How does a rising seat or cushion work?

These devices effectively cushion your weight as you sit down.

An internal hydraulic arm provides the user with a gradual, supported movement as they come down to a sitting position.

As the user gets back to their feet, the seat offers a pushing motion upwards, boosting the user's weight as they resume standing.

Are there other aids in this section which make it easier to stand up or sit down?

Many people struggle with the routine task of standing up or sitting down, especially from low seating like sofas or armchairs.

Aside from electric or hydraulic powered rising seats, there are other pieces of equipment which attempt to help with the same issue.

Height booster cushions - these are essentially firm cushions which are usually placed between the sofa seat and its own removable cushion.

This raises the height of the sitter, meaning there is less distance of travel from sitting to standing.

Elephant feet or chair raisers - plastic or wooden blocks which have indentations into which the feet of furniture can fit.

Suitable for chairs or beds, again their chief purpose is to raise the height of the user's sitting position, making it more manageable to sit down and back up again.

What other mobility aids work well in tandem with rising seats?

Armchair support grab rails - some support rails are specifically designed to fit to an armchair or sofa.

They are often used in combination with rising seats or booster feet which raise the height of furniture.

Using a clamping mechanism which fits in the gap between the bottom of the furniture and the floor, they comprise a vertical shaft and a handle at the top.

This provides a stable and robust support rail for the person sitting in the chair.

Are riser cushions available to help get in or out of a car seat?

Aids to help get in and out of a car seat - the low sitting position required in many cars creates a challenge for people with mobility issues.

These useful living aids make a big difference for many people.

There are straps and handles available which fit to the car, providing points of support as you get up or sit down.

Swivel cushions - while not strictly rising seats, these devices help the user get into position in order to stand up.

They can be used on conventional seating or in car seats.

Swivel cushions make it much easier for the user to swing their legs to the side, a function particularly difficult for those with general reduced mobility.

In-car mobility aids make a big difference to people with flexibility issues or chronic stiffness in parts of their body.

Living aids like this are important pieces of equipment for many people's daily routines.

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