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Slipnott Ferrule

Slipnott Ferrule
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The Slipnott Ferrule is an innovative rubber foot for use with walking aids.

A unique design features a metal ball and socket joint.

This allows the base of the ferrule to pivot and stay in contact with the ground at all times.

Walking on uneven surfaces is therefore safer and easier.

The bottom of the ferrule is studded to enhance the grip even further.

Each pack contains two Slipnott Ferrules.

Customer Reviews

Much more confidence when walking Review by J.Ruddock
Mr Ruddock is delighted with the flexible crutch tips which he ordered from Essential Aids. They are sturdy and non-slip which has given him much more confidence when walking, especially in the wet and, more recently, on frosty surfaces.
His order was delivered efficiently and promptly and we appreciated the progress updates. Definitely a 5. J Ruddock. (Posted on 01/03/2016)
5 stars. Review by C Cousens
Brilliant, the slipnott ferrule actually does what it says and I feel so much more confident using it than the old ferrule. It’s good in the rain and for when I go swimming, walking from the changing room to the pool. Still need to check the surfaces carefully and make sure that when using crutches, the crutches are vertical and not at an angle, when they can slip. 5 stars. (Posted on 14/02/2016)
A must-have for crutch users Review by T Bexy
I previously used these slipnott ferrules on both my crutches and walking sticks for many many years. They are Excellent and way more secure/stable than the flexible rubber versions, especially if your lighter or don't have as much strength going down through the stick. My crutches/stick never slipped or skidded on wet or slippery surfaces with these, I can't recommend them enough! (Posted on 04/06/2014)
Great grip and stability with these ferrules Review by E Reddington
I ordered (and promptly received) slipnott crutch ferrules. I have used them for years now. They give such a better grip and stability. (Posted on 03/09/2013)
Full marks Review by Nigel Parry
These slipnott ferrules are brilliant and ought to be standard fit for all crutches in view of their non-slip properties on all surfaces, wet or dry. Full marks in every respect. (Posted on 13/05/2013)