Newstead Compact Trolley

Newstead Compact Trolley

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Our Newstead Compact Trolley is a useful tool for transporting and storing items, with a number of clever features.

The lower shelf features a cutaway on the handle side, meaning that the individual pushing the trolley will not hit their shins whilst walking.

To make moving items on and off the trolley easier, the far side of the shelves do not have a raised edge.

A beech-wood finish makes the Newstead Compact Trolley aesthetically pleasing, and a full range of spare parts are available for repairs.

Handle height: 960mm (38 inches).

Length: 400mm (14 inches).

Width: 400mm (4 inches).

Weight: 7.3kg (1 1/4 stone).

Maximum Load:15kg (33lbs).

Castor size: 31mm (1.25 inches).

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