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Perching Stools

Perching stools enable the user to 'semi-sit', reducing the strain from either standing for long periods or from getting up and down from a full seating positions. A perching stool for kitchen worktops or the bathroom sink may be an important piece of equipment for those who need support as they stand up. Essential Aids has perching stools for disabled people or others whose condition makes standing for sustained periods difficult. You can use a lightweight perching stool in the shower, provided it is one which has non-corrosive parts. The technique with perching stools is to perch your bottom on the front edge of the seat, while keeping your feet on the ground.

Perching stools enable the user to 'semi-sit', reducing the strain from either standing for long periods or from getting up and down from a full seating positions. A perching stool for kitchen


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Frequently Asked Questions
What is a kitchen perching stool?

A perching stool allows someone to 'semi sit' on its leading edge, offering support to the user without taking all their body weight, while keeping their feet flat on the floor.

Perching stools are usually significantly higher than regular kitchen chairs and have a tilted seat.

How are perching stools for the kitchen different from ordinary high stools?

Perching stools have sitting surfaces which gently slope from front to back.

They are not designed to be sat on in a conventional way, but rather offer support to someone who is nearly standing up.

The user 'perches' on the low edge of the sloping seat.

Who might use a perching stool in the kitchen?

Standing for food preparation at kitchen worktops may become difficult for people with reduced mobility.

This may be because they lack the strength, coordination or balance to stand for sustained periods of time.

A perching stool may provide just enough support to enable someone in this situation to undertake food preparation at the worktop.

It may also be useful for tasks at the kitchen sink.

Are kitchen perching stools height adjustable?

Yes, most stools of this kind are easily adjustable via pin clips in each of the legs.

This allows them to be extended or retracted as desired, which in turn determines the stool's height.

How tall are kitchen perching stools?

The seats of perching stools are almost all adjustable in height, ranging from around 50cm to 70cm.

Are kitchen perching stools available with backrests and armrests?

Yes, many stools of this nature are available with back supports and armrests.

Some are modular in design, meaning these components can be added or removed as required.

Are there kitchen perching stools for heavier individuals?

Extra-strong 'bariatric' stools are available, some with a weight tolerance of up to 44 stone.

These tools are ideal for very obese individuals, who may have difficulty standing at the sink or kitchen worktops.

These stools are made of strong steel, meaning they are heavier than standard perching stools.

Do perching stools slip on tiled kitchen floors?

Rubber or soft plastic caps, or feet, are fitted to the end of each leg. These components are called 'ferrules'.

Ferrules reduce the chance of stools slipping on hard surface flooring.

As perching stools are also used at the bathroom sink, where floors are often wet, this is an important feature.

Some stools feature ferrules with angled bases, meaning they contact the floor at an optimum angle to maximise contact and friction.

Do perching stools fold down when not in use?

Most perching stools do not collapse for easy storage but there are one or two models which have this feature.

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