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Food Preparation Aids

Aids to help with food preparation for the elderly or disabled. We have a wide range of gripping aids, special food preparation boards and other useful equipment to help when preparing meals. A chopping board for disabled people or those with reduced strength or manual dexterity may be a valuable piece of equipment towards maintaining their independence. Essential Aids’ range of food preparation equipment is being added to every month. The food preparation boards included here have been selected for their quality and practicality. Many of these innovative items assist in keeping food steady while it is chopped. View all our kitchen aids here.

Aids to help with food preparation for the elderly or disabled. We have a wide range of gripping aids, special food preparation boards and other useful equipment to help when preparing meals. A


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Frequently Asked Questions
What are food preparation aids?

Special devices and equipment which makes the routine tasks of preparing meals an easier one.

These products may assist with chopping up food, spreading butter on bread and a host of other daily tasks in the kitchen.

Who uses food preparation aids?

Cooking and preparing meals may become a challenge for some people.

This may be because of a disability or another physical condition which leads to a loss of coordination, balance, motor control or strength.

Some of these are associated with various conditions commonly developed in later life.

Is equipment available to help keep food still while it's being chopped?

There are a few simple products which prevent food sliding in an uncontrolled way on hard work surfaces.

For those with a hand tremor or reduced strength in the hands or fingers, this can be a real problem.

There are some practical tools available which help keep food in the desired position.

These are typically adapted chopping boards, which have various extra functions built in.

The main extra functions are:

Raised edges in the corners - this allows bread or toast to be pushed against the edge of the board, holding it place for spreading or slicing.

Upward facing spikes - soft food like fruit and vegetables can be pushed on the spikes, which hold it in place for chopping up.

Upward facing brushes - the firm anchor of the board provides an upturned brush a firm foundation.

This arrangement makes it a useful tool for cleaning items of food.

Slicing box - this has vertically aligned internal blades which soft food can be pushed down into, slicing it up.

Hinged knife - some food preparation boards feature a knife connected to the board by a hinge at the tip.

This keeps the blade at a stable vertical angle as the user brings it down to chop food.

Food clamps - plastic clamps fitted to the preparation board allow food to be held firmly in position for chopping.

Is there a device which holds loaves of bread for slicing?

Yes, there is one board which has an oversized clamp which allows a loaf of bread to be held in place.

Slicing bread is a routine food preparation task which many people struggle with if they have a shaky or weak grip.

Do high friction mats help with food preparation?

Table mats designed to create a high friction surface are great for keeping bowls in place while you mix or whisk food.

They are also useful for keeping food prep boards in place, which might otherwise slip on kitchen work surfaces.

Are more stable cheese graters available?

Conventional food and cheese graters usually come in the shape of a 'tower' which may wobble if not held firmly.

Those designed for disabled or elderly people with reduced coordination or strength, are often built into a stable board.

While the grating surfaces on these boards are small, they are much more stable and easier to use.

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