Perching Stool PU

Adjustable Height

Perching Stool PU

Adjustable Height

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The Perching Stool PU is suitable for use in the kitchen, bathroom or anywhere around the house.

Due to its polyurethane seat and Duradip-coated frame, the Perching Stool PU can also function as a shower chair.

It is useful for people that have limited mobility and those who fatigue quickly such as the elderly.

With angled steel legs and cross-bracing struts, the Perching Stool PU is sturdy and strong.

Each leg ends in a non-slip rubber foot that prevents the stool from sliding around and stops damage to the floor surface.

The legs can also be adjusted to raise and lower the height of the seat.

A backrest and dual armrests are also available - both can be supplied with padding for enhanced comfort.

Width: 58cm (23 inches).

Depth: 41cm (16 inches).

Seat size: 36 x 29cm (14 x 11 inches).

Seat height: 52-67cm (20-26 inches).

Width between arms: 51cm (20 inches).

Weight: 3.7-5.4kg (1/2-3/4 stone) depending on model.

Maximum safe user weight: 165kg (26 stone).

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