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Undo-It Jar & Bottle Opener

Undo-It Jar and Bottle Opener
Undo-It Jar and Bottle Opener Undo-It Jar and Bottle Opener
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The Undo-It Jar & Bottle Opener is a great tool for the kitchen, taking the strain out of opening awkward jars and bottles.

Its strong, V-shaped metal frame acts as a clamp or wedge for the lid, requiring minimal turning action to take it off the jar.

The Undo-It Jar & Bottle Opener includes a non-slip lining for added safety, and a convenient fitting that can be screwed underneath a shelf or cupboard.

It is suitable for removing tops and lids measuring 2.5 to 7.5cm (1 to 3 inches) in diameter.

An ideal gadget for people with a weaker grip, limited mobility or an injury to the hand.

Weight: 145g (6oz).

Customer Reviews

Recommended for all kitchens. Review by Dr Ruth Armstrong
I would rate this product 5 out of 5. I was thrilled to find it on the internet as I had one like it years ago, but without the rubber edges. This one is better as it does not damage the lid of the jar whilst maintaining a fast grip. I have arthritis in my hands so not strong enough to open some jars. This wonderful gadget hides on the base of an overhanging kitchen cabinet, where it is screwed on tight and if I need to open a stubborn jar I simply slide it in (any size from small to quite wide) and, hey presto, the lid is off with very little effort on my part. Recommended for all kitchens as it takes up no room in a drawer and is one of the handiest items you will ever purchase. If you remember to take it with you when you move house (I forgot my other one...) you need never buy another. Dr Ruth Armstrong. (Posted on 09/04/2013)