Good Grips Cutlery

Good Grips Cutlery

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The Good Grips Cutlery is designed specifically for those with neurological impairments or arthritis.

The cushioned broad handles feature flexible ribbing, enabling a secure grip even when wet.

A twist in the shaft allows the head to be set at an angle when required.

Made from stainless steel with latex-free rubber handles, each item of Good Grips Cutlery is available with weighted or unweighted handles.

The weighted versions are often found to be easier to control by those who find standard cutlery difficult to use.

The blade of the knife requires minimal arm strength, making cutting a simple task.

This cutlery is suitable for those with arthritis or others whose disability makes conventional cutlery hard to control.

Good Grips Cutlery items

Assessment Kit contains all five pieces (weighted or unweighted) and The Serrated Rocker Knife (total six items).

Rocker Knife length: 210mm (8 1/4 inches); weight: 82g (3oz).

Fork length: 205mm (8 inches); weight: 68g (2oz).

Tablespoon length: 200mm (7 3/4 inches); weight: 78g (2 3/4oz).

Teaspoon length: 185mm (71 1/4 inches); weight: 74g (2 1/2oz).

Youthspoon length: 180mm (7 inches); weight: 78g (2 3/4oz).

Serrated Rocker Knife length: 210mm (8 inches); weight: 85g (3oz).

Weighted Rocker Knife length: 210mm (8 inches); weight: 181g (6oz.)

Weighted Tablespoon length: 210mm (8 inches); weight: 180g (6oz).

Weighted Teaspoon length: 185mm (7 1/4 inches); weight: 185g (6 1/2 oz).

Weighted Souper Spoon length: 180mm (7 inches); weight: 174g (6oz).

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