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Adapted Cutlery

Our adapted cutlery section includes knives, forks, and spoons for use by those with a weak grip or a limited range of motion. Adapted cutlery for elderly people or others whose condition makes standard knives and forks challenging to use. A wide range of cutlery for disabled people is available at Essential Aids, some with extra wide, easy-to-control handles. We supply the popular Good Grips Cutlery and Caring Cutlery ranges, along with a host of other specially adapted cutlery items. Using knives and forks designed for people with particular disabilities can make a significant difference at meal times. See these other kitchen aids.

Our adapted cutlery section includes knives, forks, and spoons for use by those with a weak grip or a limited range of motion. Adapted cutlery for elderly people or others whose condition makes


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Frequently Asked Questions
What is adapted cutlery?

Knives, forks and spoons which are specially made to make them easier to use.

These items may have weighted handles, soft handles, or have shafts which are shaped in non-conventional ways.

These items are key kitchen aids at meal-times for people with certain disabilities or conditions.

What are the advantages of this type of special cutlery?

These pieces of equipment may be easier to control than standard cutlery, making meal-times easier.

Who might use special adapted cutlery?

Adapted cutlery is generally for people with particular disabilities, physical or mental conditions which make standard cutlery difficult to use.

This may be because of diminished coordination, strength or due to a range of other common issues like hand tremors.

What kinds of cutlery aids and adapted knives and forks are available for disabled people?

Cutlery with 'built-up' handles - many people with arthritis in the hands, fingers or wrists, find holding conventional cutlery difficulty.

This is sometimes because it is usually fairly narrow.

Some find knives and forks with broader handles are less painful to use.

Weighted cutlery - individuals with certain disabilities may find heavier cutlery easier to control.

This is often the case for those who experience tremors in the hands or upper body.

Curved or angled cutlery - in some cases, people find directing spoons or forks into the mouth is easier when the shaft is angled, rather than straight.

These items are designed either for the right or left hand, so take care to choose the one you need.

Cutlery with contoured handles - these items have special, ergonomically shaped handles which fit more gently with the user's hands than conventional knives and forks.

This feature may help with control and comfort.

Plastic-headed or plastic-coated spoons - for people with reduced control over their bite pressure or reflex, it is often safer to use spoons which do not have metal heads.

Am I able to buy whole sets or individual pieces of special adapted cutlery?

Our adapted cutlery is available as individual items and in some cases, full sets.

Is there a knife and fork all-in-one?

Yes, there is an item called the 'knork' which is a combination of a knife and fork.

It has standard fork prongs, along with a cutting edge down one side of the head.

It is ideal for people with the use of a single hand.

Is it possible to build-up the handles of standard cutlery to increase the size?

Special foam tubing can be added to the handles of standard items of cutlery in order to make them larger.

This is an easy way of adapting cutlery you may already have.

The tubing is available in different sizes.

Can I bend certain items of cutlery to suit my preference?

Bendable cutlery is widely used for many people whose disability or condition means using cutlery with a straight shaft is difficult to guide into the mouth.

Do you offer cutlery for disabled children?

There is a category specifically to cater for children's cutlery.

There is also a section for children's plates and bowls.

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